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Is Rick Scott's Florida No. 1 for corruption? Dems say so

The Florida Democratic Party is jazzed up about the chance to knock Gov. Rick Scott out of office, producing a Web video that touts the significance of "one" in the 2014 gubernatorial race.

One part features Scott saying, "Florida won't stop until we’re No. 1."

The words "Um, right" appear on the screen, followed by a newspaper headline typed over Scott: "Study ranks Florida No. 1 in government corruption." "No. 1 in government corruption," the text states. "Yep, Rick Scott, you're #1 alright."

PolitiFact Florida decided to check out whether it's fair for Democrats to link Scott with the report on corrupt government officials.

Keep reading the check to find out our rating. (Here's a hint: The report includes a disclaimer that says, "The public corruption conviction data included in this report is from a time period prior to Gov. Rick Scott taking office."

Another check this week delves into the debate between Scott and Sen. Bill Nelson over sequester-driven cuts to the Florida National Guard during hurricane season. Scott said furloughs of civilian guard employees will make Florida more vulnerable in a storm and cost the state more money. Nelson tried to quell that concern, saying he checked in with FEMA's legal team.

"If you as governor activate the National Guard in anticipation of a federal disaster, the state’s costs, including the costs to recall any furloughed guardsmen, will be fully reimbursable by FEMA," Nelson wrote.

PolitiFact Florida found Nelson got good info from FEMA, but his statement omitted critical facts. Check out the fact-check for the rating.


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Ed Jenkins

Can the Herald stop being the democrat party's official paper and stop running with every story they want printed? I would bet at one time every major political party has claimed their opposition is the most corrupt politician, this is not news no matter how many times they may have tried to repeat it over the last 2 1/2 years with our current governor.


Well, "Study ranks Florida No. 1 in government corruption." Rick Scott said, Florida wouldn't stop until it was No. 1. Paraphrased..
It didn't mention Governors at all? "Florida No. 1 in corruption according to the study". Is there any reason to disagree with the study?
Is Rick Scott responsible to lead Florida? It's his leadership that makes Florida No. 1.. right?


Leader Rick Scott was also part of the biggest Medicare fraud in US history. He had to pay 6 billion because Columbia/HCA which he was running was stealing from the elderly and even Veterans on Tricare.its not surprising Florida is #1 for corruption.


Approximately two thirds of Florida's $70 billion dollar budget is outsourced to private companies. If you want to see a prime example of corruption in Florida government with regard to contracts, look here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/HNTB-Corporation/Kansas-City-Missouri-64105/HNTB-Corporation-Not-giving-taxpayers-their-moneys-worth-Kansas-City-Missouri-936737

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