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Marco Rubio: newly legalized need to speak English


U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio wants to make sure newly legalized immigrants can speak English. On Tuesday, he’s introducing an amendment to his own immigration bill to ensure those applying for permanent residency are proficient in English.

"You cannot flourish in our economy -- you cannot flourish in our country -- if you are not proficient in English," he said. "We're going to require that."

Under current law, English proficiency is only required for citizenship, not permanent residency.

The requirement will have an interesting effect in Rubio's home of Miami-Dade County, a Spanish-speaking bastion where many immigrants legal and illegal can get by for years without having to speak English.

Senators began debate this week on the massive immigration overhaul that Rubio helped write. But he said the current version of the legislation has a loophole that makes it easy to dodge the English requirement. His amendment strikes a provision in the legislation that stipulates the English proficiency requirement can simply be met by being enrolled in an English course.

If passed, those applying for legal status would be required demonstrate, possibly by a test, “ability to read, write, and speak words in ordinary usage.”

Rubio said last week that the legislation still does not have the support of 60 Senate members needed to pass. He said Republican colleagues have told him the bill needs stronger border security to win their support.

The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on a motion to proceed with the immigration bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said members will have three weeks to offer and debate amendments. He expects a vote in the Senate by July 4.


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However under the Gang of Eight and their partisan lawmakers in common the strong enforcement triggers were dismissed, with some degree of not being essential in passing S.477 bill. But they are already coming into rough waters, because the Triggers must be there to stop the same mess as happened before? The main issue being that if the fencing law remains in dormancy, then nothing will have changed to keep more foreign national out? When without the restoration of the 2006 Secure Fence Act; it’s like returning to the catastrophe of the first Amnesty in 1986. The IRCA was as pitiful as the bill heading towards the full Senate this week. As it is the bill weak on enforcement and the only losers are the American worker. Then again since 2000 wages have been falling at an alarming rate, especially with the lower income as employers who have not yet been introduced to E-Verify or an I-9 audit, have hired unauthorized workers with little or no oversight? These Senators are not saying what happened behind their closed doors with the presence of unions, La Raza, the Dept of Commerce the giant agricultural mega companies, tech companies, pro-immigration organizations and the other special interests and the whole crush of lobbyists, sweeping down like locusts looking for their “Demands” for the lucrative favors politicians gain from them.

All the promises of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control act were ignored and the new bill is following the same pattern. Other then Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and several more Senators see no benefits in this immigration reform, as the majority of Americans see it as another Amnesty and a windfall for people violated our sovereignty law, who came here for jobs, also was able to use their children as benefit fulcrum once they could claim citizenship. The U.S. government along with the left advocate’s crow about the advantage to the economy, but what some illegal aliens pay in limited taxes is cancelled out by the fact most claim it back, as they are low income collect 7.3 billion dollars in massive amounts of child tax credits that a fraudulent and the IRS sits back and does nothing? An IRS more interested in intimating Conservative organization as the TEA PARTY, with mostly irreverent questionnaires, looking to discover their donors in a very suspicious trail just prior to the presidential election.


So here come the lies, with the President stating that illegal immigration was down, but Chris Crane leader of the president of the ICE Council union sent a letter of diminishing the fact that numbers are down, when the actual illegal entries are up 13 percent. Then we have Obama placing a dreamer in front of a group telling her story, but she certainly didn’t mention that she could sponsor more family members, as a portion could bring in by the millions their Mothers and Fathers and siblings. This will add billions of more dollars to our already deficit of 17 trillion dollars. Nothing was said about another fact that all these new legal residence, will need in the future retirement benefits, when our people are in most states are being short changed to support illegal aliens. Subject to just a few of the amendments cut out, is given Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who has already mislead the public, by telling us, “THAT THE BORDER WAS SECURE” If you want to believe that, you should check out the truth at the iceunion.org, about the terrible situation at the border. Then giving full authority to HDS Napolitano is just asking for even more trouble than we have now, because she is incompetent and panders to Obama’s open border crazies.

Texas Republican Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn is introducing severe border patrol interim “triggers” before any registered illegal immigrants are permitted to apply for a green card status. His amendment would at least satisfy Conservative requirements, which would achieve a 100 percent operational control over the Southern borders, which must include that 90 percent of illegal aliens who criminally enter America are detained. Additionally Cornyn amendment would necessitate 100 percent border vigilance, along with the mandatory E-Verify system installed before registered migrants and overstay immigrants can claim a green card status. Other provisions would add 10,000 Border Patrol agents over five years and deliver emergency resources for border control, including $1 billion annually in newly recruited personnel and compulsory equipment. This Texas senator wants approval to include that “serious misdemeanors” in conjunction with felonies should be a tough criterion that would disallow illegal aliens from seeking lawful status. Such criminal acts would comprise of domestic violence, aggravated assault, child abuse, violation of a protection order and drunken driving.


If Rubio is serious, I will switch parties and VOTE for him. A sensible path to citizenship.

This would have NEVER come about if foreigners would quit pushing their values when they come to the United States.

We welcome you with open arms, just learn our language and assimilate into our culture.


The requirement to speak the official language of their country is neither burdensome or cruel. It makes perfect sense.

I'm sure passing of the test will be simpler than the requirement to learn driving rules, thereby reducing the concern for unreasonable requirements to gain citizenship.


A sad outcome of this sensible requirement is this. Our own young citizens really suck at English, it's spelling, it's writing and as it's spoken. If our new citizens learn the basics of English, they might even outshine our own examples.

Serves us right.

Richard Walsh

You do not have to speak English to become a citizen if you are cuban. All you have to do is make sure you have another cuban give you the test and interview.

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