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Miami-Dade Republicans start the drumbeat: "What did Joe Garcia really know?"


The absentee ballot-request-fraud scandal engulfing Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia's chief of staff, campaign chief and congressional emplyoee will be a top campaign issue in 2014. Garcia, who said he was unaware of the potentially illegal activity, was already seen as vulnerable by Republicans for the South Florida seat that stretches from Miami-Dade to Key West. Now they're sharpening their blades.

Here's last night's statement from Miami-Dade Republican Chairman Nelson Diaz:

The ugly truth has finally come out about Democrat Joe Garcia's employees doing everything they can to rig his election. We should all be demanding answers from Joe Garcia himself. How much did Joe Garcia really know about his Top strategist's fraudulent actions in an attempt to cheat the voters of District 26? Was Joe Garcia himself involved in fraudulent actions? Should his entire election be thrown out? The public demands answers and deserves nothing but the truth from Joe Garcia. We expect that a full of investigation will be conducted to determine whether Joe Garcia had any knowledge of his top strategists' election rigging activities or if Joe Garcia was himself involved in cheating his way into Congress.


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Joe Garcia knew everything, the underlying fact is that he profitted from the alleged fraud. He told the Venezualan community about a Venezuela Liberty Act, the truth is that he is not different than Nicolas Maduro.

He is not going to go down easy he hired a prominent criminal lawyer and supporter. We need a leader with strong background not just want to be politicians and school yard kids, Obama and Garcia are one and the same

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