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National Democrats: Rep. Joe Garcia took 'quick action' in absentee-ballot investigation


After national Republicans and the heads of the Miami-Dade Republican and Democratic parties weighed in on the fraudulent absentee-ballot investigation involving the office of Congressman Joe Garcia, a Miami Democrat, we reached out to national Democrats to hear what they had to say.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sounded supportive of the response by Garcia, who dismissed his chief of staff after another one of the congressman's employees and a former campaign aide were served with search warrants in connection with the investigation.

"Joe Garcia has taken quick action to hold these staffers responsible and local investigators have stated they do not believe Joe Garcia was involved or even knew anything about this incident," David Bergstein, the DCCC's southern regional press secretary, said in an email Sunday to The Miami Herald.

"Thankfully these ballots had zero impact on the election," Bergstein added. "Congressman Garcia has already distinguished himself as a leader for middle class families and will continue to be a strong champion for the values of south Florida residents."


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Difference Is

Difference is that the previous Congressman was directly implicated in investigations and this Congressman isn't.

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