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National Republicans question Joe Garcia's involvement in ballot scandal


The National Republican Congressional Committee on Saturday questioned Congressman Joe Garcia's assertion that he didn't know some of his campaign workers apparently orchestrated a fraudulent absentee-ballot request scheme.

"This latest report of an alleged ballot fraud scandal surrounding Congressman Joe Garcia is very troubling," NRCC spokeswoman Katie Brill said in a written statement. "While voters deserve the truth, Congressman Garcia left a lot of questions unanswered. Floridians deserve to know what Congressman Joe Garcia knew about this voter fraud scheme and when did he know it."

The national attention comes after other local Republicans, including the Miami-Dade GOP chairman and potential Garcia opponent Carlos Curbelo have also called for further investigating on the congressman's involvement.


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Randall McMurphy

Yet they sat by silently all through the Sternad-Rivera carnival.

Ah, Miami politics--cesspool of the US election system.


Well, what a surprise. Republicans can't win on issues so they slander.

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