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Norquist touts taxless income in tweet to Tallahassee

Washington anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist has gained fame for holding conservative elected officials to a no-new-taxes pledge. He's so powerful that his stamp of approval is a coup for any conservative wanting to prove himself to a wider national audience.

So on Friday afternoon, it was paydirt for Florida House Republicans when, seemingly unprompted, Norquist touted Florida's low taxes in a tweet to his 49,694 followers.

"How much bigger would your paycheck be if you lived and paid taxes in Florida?" Norquist tweeted Friday, including a link to a graphic. It showed the income taxes those earning $40,000 would pay in states with Democratic-controlled Legislatures (New York, California, Illinois) vs. the zero dollars someone living in "Republican controlled" Florida pays for income taxes.

"Any questions?" the graphic says at the bottom. "Brought to you by the Florida House Republicans."

Norquist didn't answer a tweet asking what prompted his heralding of the Sunshine State's tax system, though his Twitter account is now following this correspondent's Twitter account (yes! made it!).

Ryan Duffy, spokesman for Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, said in an e-mail that it looks as if Norquist linked to a graphic that was first tweeted out by the House GOP Majority Office on April 15, tax day.

"That's the only thing we put out about it," Duffy said. 

Just goes to show that a tweet can be timeless.