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PolitiFact Florida checks out Rick Scott's claim about 24 tax cuts

The latest over at PolitiFact Florida:

How many times did Gov. Rick Scott cut taxes? You better believe the unpopular Republican running for a second term is counting the ways.

"Twenty-four times," Scott said last month after signing the state’s $71.1 billion budget.

Could Scott and the Legislature have enacted two dozen different tax cuts in just three budget years, two of which were hamstrung by billion-dollar budget shortfalls? PolitiFact Florida turned to the Truth-O-Meter to sort it out.

Read why PolitiFact Florida rated his statement Half True.


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I'm sure Scott's campaign mavens believe that blasting ads all over claiming to have cut taxes 24 times (or 36 or whatever he gets up to), will be a plus with the voters in the middle.

Except these same voters won't feel or believe their taxes have gone down. And even if some of their taxes actually have in minor ways, most will react with: "So? My home's value is down, so the tax burden is still too high."

Besides, increases in their insurance costs and price inflation will have more than offset those cuts for most voters that matter. So that campaign claim will ring hollow with them.

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