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Poll: Florida voters not happy with Tallahassee, give gov and Legislature low marks

Maybe it's the out-of-sight, out-of-mind placement of the state Capitol. Maybe it's the sluggish economy and the stubborn unemployment numbers. Whatever the reason, the latest Quinnipiac University poll sends the signal that Florida voters are not happy with Tallahassee these days -- not that they really ever are.

When asked how voters feel about the job the state Legislature is doing, voters disapprove 49 to 32 percent. The numbers are predictably partisan for the Republican-led chamber: Democrats disapprove of the job lawmakers are doing 64 to 18 percent while Republicans approve 47 to 34 percent. But the telltale signal comes from crucial independent voters, who determine the fate of all statewide races in Florida. They disapprove of the job legislators are doing 48 to 33 percent.

On controversial issues, Florida voters are pretty clear where they stand:

    *They support expanding Medicaid to cover Floridians without health insurance by 49-40 percent, virtually unchanged from a similar March poll, a clear contradiction from the firm rejection of the issue by Republican legislative leaders.

    * Voters continue to support the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, allowing people to fight back with deadly force when threatened, 57 to 36 percent. The issue remained untouched in the last legislative session.

    * Voters want to allow path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants 58 to 24 percent, a federal issue that Florida lawmakers can only tinker with.

    * And they oppose the governor’s veto of a non-controversial bill to make it easier for children of undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses, supporting the issue 59-32 percent. The governor surprised legislators by vetoing the bill which won near unanimous support. 

As for Gov. Rick Scott, voters are warming to the Republican governor but are still not thrilled: 43 percent approve of the job the governor is doing and 44 percent disapprove. That's up from a March Quinnipiac poll when 36 percent of voters approved of Scott's performance and 49 percent disapproved.



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What difference is all the social issues if I can't make a living.. I feel really bad for all the bad things in the world but not to the point I would let my business fail. Or watch my family lose their pension. Retirements savings going to pay bills.. This legislator isn't for creating anything. It's doing nothing for growth.. Florida economic out put and GDP is down.. Cuts have hurt the state. Rick Scott is looking to win the election first and foremost.. You don't win voters by making wealthy people less wealthy.. IMO anyways..


Alex Sink, Alex Sink.. we are sorry we didn't vote you in.. Please try again.. Education is down and financially the city is suffering.. Business isn't as good. The governor is looking for job in other states. We need infrastructure and housing... You know the stuff you talked about during the election..

Can't take anymore

As someone who lives near Tallahasse I am constantly amazed that so many people around the state heap vitriol on the place due to the craven behavior of the politicians that congregate here. These dimbulbs are perpetually re-elected by the same nitwits that later howl about how lazy and venal they are after being sworn into office. Go figure.


Let's hope he doesn't gain too much ground or we're in for four more years of state/corporate backroom deals and scandals such as the FDOT/HNTB fiasco: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/HNTB-Corporation/Kansas-City-Missouri-64105/HNTB-Corporation-Not-giving-taxpayers-their-moneys-worth-Kansas-City-Missouri-936737
Also see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGSqbR4uUUg
If you like paying millions per year for employees who sleep on duty and spy on you with traffic cameras paid for with your tax money, reelect Rick Scott. His office had knowledge of this scandal months ago and chose to do nothing.


"As for Gov. Rick Scott, voters are warming to the Republican governor but are still not thrilled"

Wow, really. I mean GOOD LORD. How STUPID can the people in this country get? No wonder it's the only country in the developed world without universal healthcare, the voters here are so incredibly stupid I'm surprised they haven't elected a fraudster to Governor...oh wait, they did!

It doesn't matter what political party you are with, Rick Scott has done a horrible job as Governor for his first two and a half years, then "suddenly" he starts doing a half way decent job. ANY PERSON WITH A HALF A BRAIN IN THEIR HEAD COULD FIGURE OUT WHAT'S GOING ON HERE. HE WANTS TO WIN RE-ELECTION. After he wins, he'll be back to his old self, for a FULL four years since he can't be re-elected to a third term, so he has no incentive to do a good job.

Independents in this state are not Independents, they are IDIOTS.

Byron Dawkins

Tallahassee needs a big Enema !!!

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