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Readers: Spend leftover Miami Dolphins cash on elections -- or return it to the team


Sorry, Miami-Dade commissioners. Our readers don’t seem to like your plans for how to spend the elections cash left over from the Miami Dolphins.

In fact, quite a few of them — Dolfans, perhaps? — would prefer you give the money back to the football team.

Never mind that the Dolphins’ nearly $4.8 million payment to cover a planned May 14 referendum on public funding to renovate Sun Life Stadium was nonrefundable. The referendum was canceled, only about $2.5 million of the money has been spent — some invoices are still pending — and a surprising number of readers who answered The Miami Herald’s call for ideas on what elected officials should do with the windfall insisted it should be returned.

“Commissioners should give the money back to the Dolphins and let them give it to any organization they want,” wrote Raul Carbonell, one of more than 80 readers who weighed in via email and through the Public Insight Network, an online community of people who have agreed to share their opinions with The Herald. “The county just robbed the Dolphins of their own money.”

Readers advocating the return of the cash were outnumbered only by those who agreed with Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who wants to buy new elections equipment recommended by a group that reviewed problems at last year’s polling places. Commissioners are scheduled to decide where the money should go at a meeting Tuesday.

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Matthew Curry

Why should Miami not have the money returned to them, it belongs to them. They got screwed in this deal, totally screwed. So why should they have to pay for a vote to either pass or approve a bill for the stadium renovations that never made it that far??? Why should Miami have to pay for new voting machines but the people of Miami who go to watch the games which most likely liter the stadium and contribute to it's current condition, not have to at least help pay for the renovations? If the dolphins decide to relocate the team I support them. With the people of Miami, some fans and congress who didn't support them, than they don't deserve to have a football organization.

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