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Remembering this day in (Rick Scott) history

Florida Republicans are having a lot of fun pointing out the contradictions in Charlie Crist's record with a feature called "This Day in CRIST-ory," with a logo that resembles the History Channel. But this day, June 17, is historic for a very different reason.

It was on this day in 2010, three years ago, that Rick Scott walked into the state Division of Elections in Tallahassee, wrote a check and got his name on the Republican primary ballot for governor of Florida. It was also the first time Scott held a press conference, and his performance is memorable for a lot of reasons. The Buzz recently reviewed the videotape, courtesy of our media partners at BayNews 9.

Scott talked about the need to turn the state's economy around, create private sector jobs and "getting results by holding people accountable." After a brief statement and fielding a single question, he tried to get away, saying: "I've got to get to another meeting." 

But a cooler head prevailed. Press aide Jennifer Coxe Baker brought Scott out into the hallway where he answered questions for 10 minutes, an experience he summed up near the end by saying: "This is hard!"

Under the hot TV lights, Scott was visibly perspiring as he fielded one question after another. Several were about his personal finances, his fund-raising strategy and his views on a variety of issues -- such as immigration. "I think the Arizona law is a law that we ought to have in Florida," Scott said.

That never happened. But on that day, Scott began to change the course of history in Florida.

-- Steve Bousquet


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William B.

Now he is all on board with the Rubio bill giving amnesty to over 11 million illegal aliens. Yet he refused to allow their kids to drive. Ah, okay, I think.

Rick Scottstory

The media should remember how much he hates the questions he gets. A day in Rick Scott history was one in which he wouldn't allow reporters to do their jobs.

The RPOF should remember in Rick Scottstory when they accused him of Medicaid fraud through Columbia/HCA when he was running.

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