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Scott announces deal to bring Amazon jobs -- and online taxes -- to Florida

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday announced a deal with online retail giant Amazon to bring 3,000 jobs to Florida by the end of 2016.

The company is prepared to spend more than $300 million on new warehouses, The Associated Press reported. Earlier, Scott had nixed a deal to bring Amazon to Florida out of concerns that such a deal would result in higher taxes for Floridians because it would make online purchases through Amazon subject to Florida sales tax, which they are not now.

Online purchases by Florida consumers are not subject to the state's 6 percent statewide sales tax, but they would be if Amazon has a presence in that state. In his announcement, Scott said Amazon would begin collecting state sales taxes from residents when it is required by Florida law.

Scott's announcement did not say where Amazon's Florida jobs would be located -- but early speculation is that some will be in Hillsborough County. The announcement also said that Amazon would collect Florida sales tax "at such time as it is required under current Florida law. To make the proposed job creation and investments economically viable, the availability of ecobomic development incentives will be a material factor in any final location decisions."

-- Steve Bousquet


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Bosquet ...

"ecobomic development" ... hmmm, are you're fingers betraying your biases?

Maybe it's just muscle memory in your digits ... or something more subconscious.

Cheers, Steve.


Or maybe the letter 'b' is right next to 'n'....


"......we've turned our economy around..." The economy is turning around throughout the US, not just in Florida. Scott and his legislative minions have done absolutely nothing toward improving Florida's economy except for corporate giveaways and welfare which have very produced very little! This is just more political re-election rhetoric.


"Online purchases by Florida consumers are not subject to the state's 6 percent statewide sales tax"

Technically correct, but online purchases are subject to the "use tax", which is like sales tax for out-of-state purchases used in state.

The fact that Amazon had no physical presence in Florida meant that Florida couldn't force it to collect tax like brick and mortar retailors.

In other words, Floridians were supposed to calculate and pay taxes on their own for online purchases. You can imagine how well that worked.

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