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Scott: Federal ruling won't change Florida's gay marriage ban


Reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision Wednesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he will uphold the voter-approved amendment to the state Constitution in 2008 that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman.

"It impacted federal law, not state law," Scott said of the high court's 5-4 ruling. "In 2008, Florida voters amended our constitution and said that we are a traditional marriage state, that marriage is between a man and a woman. As the governor of this state, I'll uphold the law of the land, and that's the law of our state."

Scott was asked whether he supports the state same-sex marriage amendment. "Look, it's the law of the land. Voters in 2008 decided we're going to be a traditional marriage state," he said.

Asked whether he has reconsidered his position on the issue, Scott replied: "Look, I've been married since I was 19. I believe in traditional marriage."


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Funny how dipscott will uphold the voters choice on same-sex marriage, but he wouldn't put the high speed rail through that the VOTERS OF FLORIDA passed! Time for Gov Skeletor to beat it!

marilyn walker

I do agree with this, marriage is between a man and a woman not Adam and Steve.

Hunter Lucas

@Marilyn Walker: Says who? The Bible? Why should that ever allowed to determine legal policy?

And don't give me that, "Well, what's next? Adam and a pig? A tree?" crap--animals and plants can't give consent.

I'm just glad this decision isn't up to you. And it's not up to Scott, either. Expect this to be challenged.


It's FEDERAL LAW which SUPERCEDES state law...take a 7th grade civics class moron. ANd all the bigots and homophobes on this page need to find a different century. And I don't follow the Bible. I follow the law and I use common sense.

Nick Berg

Unfortunately, the 10th Amendment of the Constitution leaves marriage in the hands of the state. So while the Supreme Court ruling now allows homosexual couples who are married to have the same benefits as tradition couples, the state amendment has to be overturned before that will happen. So, as much as I hate to say it, Gov. Scott is within his power to do so in this case.


why do people feel their opinions matter? we are a nation based on freedom yet you want to tell people how to live. idiots!


WORST GOV. ever. I hope all the people who voted for this CROOK are really happy now. He had the largest Medicare fraud fine in history, and you people still voted for him. Let's hope common sense prevails next election!!!!!!


Craig you are absolutely right. This man is a thief and a crook. He believes he is above the law and, so far, he has been proven correct.



He needs to go. I moved here from dc and I felt like I moved back to the 80s. FL sucks and so do he. I will vote his ass out. U ppl are right he is a crook.

Editors are your friends.

Freedom marches on just as we witnessed today. It's only a matter of time before all such discriminatory state laws are struck down.


In 2008 this was a dead state, totally different to 2013. I believe Florida is not a traditional state. It is a young state!. You, old people, want to make it traditional. Floridian people should vote again. Gay marriage = to all.

Ed Fulcher

Don't worry equality supporters, the old guard bigots won't live forever... but they are pretty good about consistently voting. In 20 years they will all be dead and we can move forward, unless we really push EVERYONE to vote, we saw it in the 2012 elections; youth, middle aged, and old liberals/independents came out in droves and completely blew away the forecast for the state to go to Romney. If we want this state to be a "young state" or a "progressive state" then we need to mobilize the liberal voters and stop letting places like the Villages and the hillbilly panhandle dictate election results.


"No state shall.. deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

When you deny a group of persons Equal Protection under the law - you violate the 14th Amendment of US (FEDERAL) Constitution. Sorry, Mr. Dimwitted Governor but in fact, you are wrong and shamefully clueless.


Agree - Gov. Scott HAS to go & never should have been elected in the first place. How long does this guy have left???? Also, I am 56, likely to be considered old by OSIEL and, yet, believe gay marriage should be recognized. I am far from traditional, as well. Yes, we will vote again and our collective voices will prevail at that time. Until then, to OSIEL, I know you mean well but comments such as, "This is a young state!" and "You old people...." are just a bigoted as those who only believe marriage should occur between a man and a woman. I know you are better than that, though. I am old and open minded as are so many of my associates and friends. JMHO

Richard Cranium

Here is what DOMA allowed on the State level. DOMA has nothing to do with benefits on the State level, just the Federal level. However, DOMA allowed states to NOT recognize marriages preformed in other states.

A heterosexual married couple can move from state to state and have the new state recognize their marriage.

This does not happen for the same-sex married couple. DOMA allowed it to happen.

Civil Rights should never be voted on. EVER!

Bob Sirois

Once again the Republicans and our own governor are on the wrong side of history. Really, in the big scheme of things why does it matter who is married to who? Don't people have more important things to worry about? People should never get to vote on rights of other citizens. The wonderful voters of Florida who gave us 8 years of Jeb actually voted in discrimination into our state constitution. How sad is that?

winona kitto

We don't yet know what will go on in gay marriages. I'm hoping for some role models though. Have seen too many stories of cheating, murder, physical/ psychological abuse, and creepin on the down low in heterosexual marriages.


How how much PLEASURE I will get to vote this lying PUNK out next YEAR


I think its messed up one our country is supposed to be free,well where the hell is the freedom? And Florida is so against same sex marriage as if it will have some sort effect on people seriously geezer and meanwhile the ban on same sex marriage stands in Florida but Florida surly don't mind making money off gays during memorial day weekend with all the tourist and festivals toll costs on bridges to the beach they aren't to proud to except money from gays but wont five us equal rights. People are people and deserve to be happy straight or gay what's the big damn deal
And most against gays pulling the Bible into it don't even live by it grrrr

Michael C

Honestly speaking,

this was a huge step towards marriage equality. If it ever came down where the Supreme Court said banning same sex marriages is unconstitutional. Florida would have no choice, none of the states would, that's just how it would be. I honestly don't see why this upsets people so darn much, two women getting married, two men getting married, big deal that means more revenue in marriage licenses, more revenue for attorneys when things don't work out, all from a source that didn't exist before. I don't see the problem. I really don't. It wouldn't effect anyone's morals any more or less than saying people of different races can marry.

Mark E. Talboom, D.C.

Marriage Equality is a steamroller. Any politician, citizen or state policy which/who is against it better get onboard or go down in history as being on the wrong side of this issue.
You can have your own personal beliefs, but the law will prevail and so will equal rights for all citizens. Now that DOMA has been found to be unconstitutional, so will all state laws which seek to deny a basic civil right that all heterosexuals in this country already enjoy. Gays and Lesbians are not asking for "special rights", just that same rights enjoyed by all other adult citizens.
When a state law is devised to deny an entire class of people a basic right, who actually has "Special Rights"? Certainly not those being oppressed by egregious and bigoted state laws whose only purpose is to discriminate and send a message of disapproval. My right to marry and/or my actual legal marriage to the adult of my choice affect no one but me and my spouse.
I don't need anyone else's approval.


Scott is an idiot. He's on his way out. Equality and civil rights WILL prevail. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head in the sand.

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