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With FL unemployment-rate falling, RPOF touts "Scott Surge vs. Dem Drag."


ScottPut aside the debate about how much a governor or president affects the unemployment rate and know this: It doesn't always matter when it comes to elections.

If times are good, the guy at the top of the ticket benefits. If times are bad, he pays.

Times in Florida are mixed, with an estimated 680,426 Floridians unemployed (the peak appears to be Feb. 2010: 1,040,578).

But the unemployment rate is dropping fast in Florida, the second-fastest in the nation (a 3.9% reduction between December 2010 and April 2013), as the Republican Party of Florida points out in a new graphic that seeks to credit Gov. Rick Scott, who's up for reeleciton next year. The one-page info-graphic that not only touts the gains under Scott, it also suggests that Democratic states just aren't as good at managing their economies.

Unemployment-rate drops aren't the whole picture, of course. In April, for instance, Nevada posted the biggest drop but still had the highest unemployment rate in the nation (9.6%).

Democrats are sure to point out that the unemployment rates in the solidly blue states of Vermont (4%) or Massachusetts (6.4%) is actually lower than in Florida (7.2%). But Republicans will point out that the unemployment rates in the solidly red states of Nebraska (3.7%) and North Dakota (3.3%) are the lowest in the nation. Yes, those unemployment rates are tied to the shale-oil boom.

And then there's the debate about how much credit or blame President Obama gets for the general nationwide drop.

So on it goes...