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Audio: Sea level rise and South Florida -- are doomsayers right or wrong?

Rolling Stone magazine says Miami - and much of South Florida - is doomed to drown.  You wouldn’t know it based on what you hear from state leaders.  While county and local officials say they are working on solutions, are they pursuing the right ones? 

A depiction of our area with a 5 ft. rise in sea level, which by some estimates could happen in 100-300 years. 

Restoring the Everglades could help prevent salt-water intrusion, which sea-level rise exacerbates. Legislation passed this year sets standards for the run-off flowing into the Everglades, but it doesn’t increase one of the most important necessities for that ecosystem - water.

Host Phil Latzman speaks with Curtis Morgan of The Miami HeraldChristine Stapleton of the Palm Beach Post and Ashley Lopez of WGCU in Fort Myers. Listen here. 


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Bill Price

Most all the high rise conds use water source Heat Pumps that pump water out of the aquifers causing S Fla to sink, and salt water intrusion.
Deal with it now or sink later.


Um ... most of the glades, especially the lower glades, are at very low elevations (less than 1 ft.). The average only gets pulled up artificially high by including much higher far inland area.

So ... the everglades don't so much help prevent seawater intrusion. Rather, they are the future areas that sea water will cover from sea level rise. Why won't anyone ask why we're trying to save the glades given that very much of it will be under the sea in 100 years?

I guess that ugly fact is too inconvenient for the alliance of enviromentalists, eh?

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