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Business groups endorse Internet sales tax legislation

The Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Retail Federation, Associated Industries of Florida and Florida TaxWatch have banded together to endorse closing the online sales tax loophole. They want Florida lawmakers to follow Congress's lead by considering legislation that would require online remote retailers, such as Amazon.com, to charge sales tax.

"We are glad to see the Congressional legislation move forward and would hope that our state Legislature will take up the issue during this upcoming 2014 legislative session to ensure that we collect the revenues that are lawfully and rightfully owed to the state of Florida," said TaxWatch president Dominic Calabro.

The business groups held a joint press conference today to endorse a nationwide study that concluded Internet sales tax revenue would be a boon to states. In Florida, the report says, closing the loophole would create 10,474 new jobs and $34.9 billion in additional economic growth.

Click here to read the Times' article about the study.

Click here to read the entire report funded by the national Marketplace Fairness Coalition.


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A: Amazon will be collecting FL Sales Tax
B: FL lawmakers have no authority to force out of State retail to collect FL Sales Tax
C: The Laffer study is flawed. It will not produce the revenue projected, nor the jobs claimed.
D: The Internet Sales Tax legislation is designed to put small online business out of business, just as the lobby effort of WalMart and Amazon plan.


Oh Boy! Can't wait to get one of those temporary part time jobs at an Amazon sweatshop warehouse!


Imagine that! Businesses banding together to encourage tax increases. The Chamber, et al, continues to show their true colors by promoting socialistic theories when it's convenient. The new jobs will be those brought by Amazon and BIG GOVERNMENT, which these groups somehow support. We need real responsible conservatism to take a leadership role in FL, not self serving pro-tax (when beneficial) businesses.

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