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Carl Hiaasen: "Poor Marco Rubio"

From Carl Hiaasen:

Poor Marco Rubio.

As the prospects for comprehensive immigration reform sink, so goes his hopes of establishing himself as the solid Republican front-runner in the 2016 campaign for the White House.

Meanwhile, the junior Florida senator is under siege from the bug-eyed right wing of his own party. Glenn Beck called him a “piece of garbage” and even the tea party has turned on him. It’s gotten so bad that GOP action groups are putting out commercials saying nice things about Rubio, just to preserve his shot at the presidency.

Unfortunately, immigration reform is the only serious issue on which Rubio has presumed to lead. Otherwise, his time in Washington has been quiet and forgettable.

During the big post-Newtown debate on expanding background checks of firearms buyers, Rubio revealed himself as just another gutless sniveler controlled by the NRA. In the budget battle he offered not a single new idea, only boilerplate attacks on President Obama over the federal deficit (which is now, to the chagrin of Republican presidential hopefuls, shrinking).

Immigration reform was to be Rubio’s golden ticket to the nomination — a young Hispanic candidate from a critical swing state, bridging with Latino voters a huge gap that helped cost Mitt Romney the election last year.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/13/3497642/marco-rubio-a-funny-thing-happened.html#storylink=cpy


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Bush, Rubio, or Christie in that order will be the 2016 nominee.


Wondering if Rubio's connection and "looooong" time friendship with David Rivera; is the real concern here. If David were anything other than a Republican; with D. C. (now) connections; he'd have been found guilty long ago.He/they must think again the voters in Floriduh, deserve their title. To bad Marco can't/won't be held to the same standards as others here; as even the Cuban's are turning their collective backs on him. A rising star, or a meteror crashing to earth? I think "if" he puts David behind him, he can over come his, do nothing label, his money issues, his misunderstood family history, his.... WOW, Marco is done!!!


I suppose marco Rubio would want all Cubans in that peaceful isle, to carry concealed handguns. hmmmm.

That's Right

Cubans had a pathway to citizenship after coming here without papers.


Rivera won't be found guilty not because of his Republican DC connections, but because of his CIA connections.

2016 belongs to Rand Paul!

Can't take anymore

Can't wait to see what far right loonbag the Republicans anoint to be their champion in 2016. It really doesn't matter because Hillary is going to crush him and pull along with her a bunch of Democrats into Congressional seats currently held by the Teabagggers. Wouldn't Elizabeth Warren make a great US Senate majority leader after the 2016 elections?


Hillary? Let's see how she answers for Hillarycare or Benghazi, or drug running out of embassies under her watch or sex-for-visas out of embassies under her watch. And yes, managing embassies is part of the Sec of State's duties so it does matter how she handled all of those issues. Seemed like she traveled a lot as Sec of State but didn't do any work..


Gaston, Rubio Washington a Senator when those things "happened" and didn't say anything.


Marco Rubio is what happens when you sell your soul to the Democrats.

Rather than focus on the Hispanic vote, the Republican Party should focus on all the white Republicans who stayed home in 2012 because we didn't have a conservative candidate. If the GOP Establishment dumps Jeb Bush or Chris Christie on us, even more will stay home in 2016 - including me.


Yup! Rubio should focus on going after the White, conservative vote only. Pretending to support a Hispanic cause ain't working for him.
Wait! The conservative racist white vote? Kinda hypocritical, ain't it?


Marc Rubio forgot where he came from. Cubans received government assistance because they were immigrants from a poor country. If you go to Miami you will be a stranger in your own country. Because the only language they speak is spanish. His family was able to earn lots of money. He was able to go to college because he was hispanic. we could go on he just forgot where he came from. If his parents had come from Mexico instead of Cuba he would be singing a different song.

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