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Charlie Crist pens 'no holds barred' book on politics, mentions Marco Rubio

Via @adamsmithtimes

Charlie Crist is taking his message of political redemption and evolution from the Democratic club circuit to your local book store.

Florida’s former Republican governor-turned-independent-U.S.-Senate candidate-turned-Democratic-potential-gubernatorial-candidate has a book coming out in September: “THE PARTY’S OVER: How the Extreme Right Hijacked the GOP and I Became a Democrat.”

Published by Dutton, the book promises to be “a no-holds-barred memoir of his journey from Republican to Democrat. He will name names and offer a frank indictment of the failings of the Republican Party,” according to the publisher.Crist, 56, is widely expected to run for governor as a Democrat in 2014. It’s a remarkable journey for a self-described “Ronald Reagan Republican” and serious contender for John McCain’s running mate in 2008 to speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention who campaigned harder in Florida for Barack Obama than any other politician.

“I have now seen both these parties at the highest levels from the inside,” Crist said in a statement Dutton prepared. “In the book, I’ll share my very strong feelings about what’s happened to the Republicans, how the party I grew up in has been hijacked by extremists, losing its compassion and common sense. I’ll describe exactly what I saw and what it made me realize. I have been a Democrat for seven months now. I have found a wonderful new home.”

Helping Crist write the book is Newsday columnist Ellis Henican, whose other books include accounts of the New Orleans Saints’ post-Katrina Super Bowl championship and the death of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhart.
Crist tends to becivil when talking about anybody else, but the book’s publicity material hints at juicier offerings in store from the ever-sunny ex-governor:

“Among other things, THE PARTY’S OVER will reveal: the inside story of Crist’s 2010 Senate primary campaign against Marco Rubio; his journey from inner circle to persona non grata, thanks to his literal embrace of President Obama; his very frank opinions on Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and other top-tier Republicans; why he announced his party switch at the White House Christmas party; what he’s learned as a member of both parties; and why he remains convinced that the two-party system can still work—with the right leadership.”

We haven't received a reaction comment yet from the Florida GOP, but it's safe to assume it will be along the lines of: "BARF."


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How many chapter for Harry Sargeant. Scum bags!

Empty suit

Looking forward to his chapter on Mark Rothstein & their trips to the Bahamas


Excuse me but ... what knd of idiot writes a book called "THE PARTY’S OVER" and then runs for a party nomination?

Shucking Chuckles argument is that the Rs ran amok to the right and left him. But that is no argument for embracing the Ds, whom he spent decades running against.

The absolute truth is the Charlie won't run as an independent because of how that Senate race came out. The other truth is that if Charlie ran as an independent for Governor, he'd raise huge amounts of cash and gain substantial support from independent voters and reasonable voters from both parties.

But, at the end of the day, Chuckles is too afraid to stick to an independent course ... and that's because he is entirely too wedded to the notion of winning ... instead of standing on and for principle.


Charlie shamelessly hops so often from conservative to liberal and then back again that he should be defined as his own new species: the prostitoad.


He was simply a bad Governor and that's why he will lost to Scott. Crist gave Florida higher unemployment, rising debt, he never dealt with the insurance crisis. He simply has a terrible record.


He was simply a bad Governor and that's why he will lose to Scott. Crist gave Florida higher unemployment, rising debt, he never dealt with the insurance crisis. He simply has a terrible record.


I'm not happy that Charlie Crist is going to be the Democratic nominee for Governor. I'm a pretty moderate Democrat, have been for years, and can't take much more of Rick Scott. But I think our party is about to make yet another ridiculous blunder and let this guy be our nominee. First, he's likely to lose because the issue in 2014 will be about Charlie Crist and his record - not Rick Scott's. Second, if by chance he does win, does anyone think he's going to be loyal to Democratic principles? This is the NRA's go to guy for 20 years in Tallahassee. A guy who claimed to be anti-abortion for his entire career. A guy who opposed hometown democracy and opposes raiseing taxes on the rich. He supported Jeeb's repeal of the intangibles tax. He carried all of Jeeb's water on education. Does anyone really believe he's truly converted to a liberal now? Yeah I fully expect him to push repealing Stand Your Ground - which he SIGNED INTO LAW. My party is getting taken for a ride by this guy, and why do I feel like not enough people realize it. He's a fraud and a scam.

Democrats have any number of great nominees who would beat Rick Scott. Jack Seiler, Manny Diaz, Pam Iorio, Buddy Dyer, Frank Sanchez - yes Frank Sanchez remember that name. Yet we settle on a guy whose only reason for being a Democrat is he was losing as a Republican.

We are getting ready to blow the best opportunity we have had since Walkin Lawton left.


Whether you like Charlie Crist or not, he is absolutely right in saying that the Republican Party has been hijacked by extremists. The backwardness and intolerance of the Religious Right is still seen. I would vote for Charlie Crist any day over Rick Scott.

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