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Did state regulators rubber stamp 'phony horse racing'? PolitiFact weighs in


A masked thief fanning $100 bills is the backdrop for an ad blasting “phony horse racing.”

You’re probably thinking, “Phony horse racing? Huh?” It’s okay — we thought it, too.

A coalition of horse breeders and owners used the phrase for races they deem improper at a rural racino west of Tallahassee. Expansion of parimutuel rodeo-style racing has dramatic consequences for the quarter horse industry and parimutuels, opponents say.

“Florida outlawed Internet cafes, but rubber-stamped phony horse racing,” begins the United Florida Horsemen ad. “Gov. Scott, can you tell us why?”

Is the ad’s message hyperbole or on point? PolitiFact says the ad is...half true.  



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Harold H. Hansen

So what, racing is racing weather a horse is going around a track or around a barrel in an arena! Let them run!!!


Isn't the more interesting question: why do these established horseman organizations care?

Isn't it true that they don't get any money from the kind of racing done at this facility?

Isn't it true that state law cuts those groups in for percentages of the purses at traditional race tracks?

Aren't they operating like the mobsters of old, using state law and bureaucrats--instead of killers--to enforce their extortionist demands for a piece of the action?


Your computer and cell phone is illegal in the state of Florida. The legislature made them illegal at the same time they banned internet cafes.

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