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Dream Defenders on Day 8: We stay until we win

When the young activists known as the Dream Defenders marched into Gov. Rick Scott’s office last week, few observers expected the group to attract much attention.

But seven days later, the Dream Defenders have proven hard to ignore.

What began as a modest protest has morphed into a week-long occupation of the Florida Capitol. The organizers, most of whom are college students and young professionals, say they are prepared to stay for weeks or even months — as long as it takes for Scott to call a special session on racial profiling and the state’s controversial Stand Your Ground law.

Nevermind that Scott has refused, making the odds of a special session almost non-existent.

“We stay until we win,” said Gabriel Pendas, one of the group’s co-founders.

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Never happy

Get meeting, change goal line. They never intended to leave.

Never happy

As such, they have very little to no credibility.


Obviously, no one has jobs in this bunch, and yet they want a government financed by taxpaying citizens to do whatever just happens to strike their fancy. Wow, clueless.


Nearly everyday for over a year protesters from the Occupy Movement have stood on the steps of the Capitol across from the State Supreme Court. Now we have the Dream Defenders in the halls of the Capitol. It takes fortitude and a belief in democratic principles to spend the time and energy to address what they perceive as the failings of our state government. I applaud them.

William Boardman

Never happy meets tallguy 1,
Clueless Club established.

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