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FL black lawmaker: Jesse Jackson's "apartheid comments" are a "disgrace."

A press release from state Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, regarding the Rev. Jesse Jackson's comments about Florida being an apartheid state:

“As a father, a husband, and a business-owner in Florida, I find the attacks on our state and our leaders by Jesse Jackson ridiculous. As a black man who has been able to live my dreams in this great state, Jackson’s comments are dangerously divisive and offensive.

“I first came to the Sunshine State as a young Air Force officer, and found a place so beautiful and filled with opportunity I decided to make it my home. When the entrepreneurial spirit took hold, my neighbors and colleagues embraced my new venture without prejudice or discrimination. In the decades since, I have been blessed with a loving family and a community where people are treated with respect.

“When Jackson uses language that describes us as an apartheid state and compares our governor to one of history’s most notorious bigots, he is either hopelessly out of touch or purposefully dishonest.

“Just this summer, I, a black man in Florida, was elected to serve in the Florida House of Representatives just about 180 miles away from the bridge in Selma where racism and hatred were violently acted out. I understand the difference between where America was, where it is today, and where it will go tomorrow.

“The incidents that unfolded and resulted in the tragic death of a young, black man deserved to be heard in our criminal justice system. They were, and a jury of peers decided the outcome based on our laws and a process that originates in our divinely-inspired Constitution.

“For Jesse Jackson to disagree with the outcome of that process is a right and privilege he and every citizen are guaranteed. But for a man who casts himself as a defender of these rights to disparage Florida and our nation with reckless and unfounded commentary is a disgrace.”


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tony smith

Oh boo hoo! I was born in Florida too - and LEFT so that I could live my dreams. Never looking back. Idiot.

Gator Dad

So lame. This Black Republican is being used.

R.T. Griffin

I am not a fan of Jesse Jackson , but I am definitely a Scott Hater. I agree with Jesse on this issue however , but this aint new, anybody that has lived in this state for any period of time can see the biasness in this state. Scott either high, or is just so out of tuned to realize the issue . Even as a Govenor he and his cabinet should have the stats to back up the claims of Jesse and other protestors, and have the balls to say we messed up with this law , we will try to fix it . But as ususal Scott only thinking about Scott. Wonder how would he feel if he was to the store without security and he was followed and then questioned by a over zealous wanna be cop enforcer of another race ????????

R.T. Griffin

Jesse should apologize , when Rick Scott apologize to Florida for messing up this state . This issue has nothing to do with political parties. More of a right wrong issue . Rick Scott you wrong ,Mike Hill you wrong. Tell us how much kickbacks you getting for telling these lies. You speaking for a community and you business ,Im sure if we dig deep enoough we will see Scott hand in your pocket some where --------


So...Scott should apologize for creating a welcoming business environment and jobs for people...and for following the law? Mike Hill is a fine man and speaks the truth. It seems that many ears in Miami are offended by hearing the truth.

R.T. Griffin

Truth, seems to be a matter of opinion outside of Miami. Or just maybe there is a difference between TRUTH and REALITY . Scott has created jobs where ????? North Florida , and South Florida are still high in unemployment and Central Florida is ran by Disney there fore the employment rate is steady ? I guess Alan you apporoved of Scott saying no to AMAZON. com , the warehouse , and 4200 jobs that would have brought to Florida , or the Bullet Train Money that would have upgraded our rail system , and increase jobs state wide. You say Mike Hill is a good man Ok, I will give you that , but Im sure his politics and his morals are not same .


Mike Hill is an "Uncle Tom" Teabagging freak. Of course he would lick Gov. Scott's boots.


Mike Hill is a good man, Scott haters. Unemployment is DOWN in FL. Hate Scott all you want but you cannot dispute his good work as Governor.


Lot of jealously over a man's success. Hmm. And his description of the good Rev Jackson was right on point. Typical libs tearing people down because they have nothing constructive to contribute themselves.

Val Chaney

I've been a proud Floridian all of my life, and the quality of life in our great state is declining. I don't recall race relations in our state being this poor,since integration. And citizens have not been open targets in Florida,since lynching was stopped--until now. The resurgence of hate and division along color lines must stop! The governor upholds Florida's unrighteous Stand Your Ground law and leads the state in several unfair practices, including purging voters. Rev. Jesse Jackson did not create our state's problems, and he did not lie about them. If Florida is hostile to its African American citizens, then it can't possibly be pleasant for everyone else, because whatever adversely affects one citizen has a negative impact on all others.

Phillip Wooten

I agree whole-heartedly.

The are *many* honorable black people, but these people (Sharpton, Jackson, etc.) show-up when there's a camera, stir-up protesters and pollute the black race - they are not the black race, they are corrupt people interested in personal gain, that happen to be black.

Most of these "protesters" receive gov't assistance and when they perceive change is needed, they shout "somebody got to do something" ... instead of "doing something" themselves by supporting their families & instilling values in their children. You will NEVER hear the Jacksons, Sharptons, etc. mention accountability, responsibility & controlling your own destiny.

These "protesters" are empowered to do nothing other than blab their mouths & hold their hands out for gov't freebies - they lack character, moral-fiber & integrity. The "protesters" need to right-the-ship in their own culture, instead of breeding thugs & letting the government be the "baby daddy" for their illegitimate kids.

Wake-up people, listen long & hard to Bill Cosby - he speaks the truth!

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