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Gaetz, Weatherford: Withdraw from PARCC, create "Florida Plan" for new tests

Florida's two top lawmakers have serious reservations about the assessments being created to test the new Common Core Standards.

The concerns are so grave that Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford want Florida to back out of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, the national consortium crafting the exams.

Among their gripes: The PARCC assessments will require 20 days of testing for elementary, middle and high school students. That's more time than it takes for students to complete the current state exams.

Gaetz and Weatherford want Florida to design its own testing program, they wrote to state Education Commissioner Tony Bennett Wednesday.

Bennett said he'll give the idea some consideration.

"I want to thank President Gaetz and Speaker Weatherford for sharing their concerns about PARCC and PARCC assessments," the education commissioner wrote in a statement. "They are valued partners in our mission to help students and they raise critical issues that deserve serious consideration as I make a decision in the coming days. I want to thank them and all lawmakers as we implement Common Core State Standards and improve the future for Florida’s students and our state."

Read the letter from Gaetz and Weatherford below.

Download 7 17 13 Commissioner Bennett FL Plan


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FL Patriot

Rick Scott still supports Common Core with Jeb Bush.

Just me

Good! They need to get out while they can before our children's educations and future's are ruined.


Of course, if we made education a year-round thing, instead of clinging to last millennium's notion of giving kids the summer off, we'd have plenty more time for both teaching and testing ....

provided the state and local bureaucrats in the educrocracy didn't fill up that time with more requirements for training, reporting, and evaluating teachers, schools, and other things.

That doesn't mean we should use the PARCC tests which will most likely turn out to be tools of the testocracy that's built up around the flow of corporate welfare for testing companies.

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