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Latvala: FDLE should investigate lawmakers living outside district

Sen. Jack Latvala, the Clearwater Republican who chairs the Senate Ethics & Elections Committee, says he wants Gov. Rick Scott to order a criminal investigation of several South Florida lawmakers who may not be living in the districts they represent -- as required by the Florida Constitution.

Latvala told WPLG-TV in Miami that it's a "crying shame" that some lawmakers may not live in the districts they represent, as Channel 10 has reported. At issue are the residencies of Sen. Maria Sachs and Reps. Perry Thurston, Hazelle Rogers, and Jared Moskowitz.

During the 2013 session, Latvala conducted a hearing on questions involving Sachs' residency. WPLG's story is here.


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Broward Dem

Coincidentally they are all Democrats...
Let's see, Republicans go out of their way to gerrymander districts and carve some opponents out of their own districts, then they rig elections making it almost impossible for many Democrats to cast their vote disenfranchising thousands of Floridians, then when they lose to Democrats they pronounce that they Democrats should be investigated and or removed from office.

Yeah we get it.
or do we?

Was Latvala getting some on the side from Bogdanof?
He sure seems to miss her.

Broward HGA

Hate to tell you, Broward Dem, but in fact at least one of those who were "carved" from their districts were in fact were not and simply had to stay in their own district where they lived. Instead they went out of their way to file for a neighboring district where they did not live so they did not have to face another Dem. Check your history before you make such a comment where you don't know what you are talking about.

Broward Dem

@Broward HGA
I said some nitwit.

Broward HGA

Dear @BrowardDem, from "Nitwit".
Why did you say some, and really project all by the context of your post? Furthermore, I assume that you meant to put a comma between "some" and "nitwit". Thank you for the compliment. Next week's lesson will be on the three branches of government. It will include video aids such as "I'm just a Bill" from the Schoolhouse Rock series. The following week we can follow up with the Florida Constitution, but it is a hefty read, so let me know if you have time.


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