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Miami-Dade mayor calls tax-rate hike plan political 'misstep', faces heat over budget cuts


Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, the man who seemed prescient when he opposed an unpopular property-tax rate hike that hastened his predecessor’s ouster, didn’t see the political backlash coming when he proposed a tax increase of his own.

So intense was the outcry against Gimenez’s plan this month that he began backtracking just a day after unveiling his 930-page budget, surprising even top county administrators with his snap decision to reduce the hike.

Five days later, the mayor reversed course completely. He abandoned the rate increase altogether, calling it a “misstep,” and framed his new position as a sign that he listens to the people.

“People say I’m a flip-flopper,” Gimenez told the Miami Herald in an interview. “The thing is, hey, if you have to own up to it, the sooner, the better.”

The mayor justified his initial rate hike by saying reflected the cost of providing public services in Florida’s largest county. “I’m a pretty good administrator,” he said repeatedly, “but I’m not a magician.”

When he realized he didn’t have the political support to push the increase through, he cut his losses and acknowledged his miscalculation.

But his detractors — and suddenly there are many more of them — paint a much dimmer picture of Gimenez’s striking evolution on the tax rate, which will now remain flat and could force up to 400 employee layoffs, 22 library closures and the elimination of six fire and rescue trucks.

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Informed Voter

Mr Mayor you need some new advisors, the tax rolls went up and you still wanted to raise taxes what were you thinking? I am sure there is still fat to cut at the county before you go after something so crucial as fire and rescue services.

Why don't you start with the $800,000 each commissioner gets to spend as they wish I don't think you will get many citizens complaining about that. You might hear from a couple of the organiztions they help to get themselves elected, but other than that you will look like a hero.

Maybe you should hire Dick Heinz, he is the genius at the school district that has allowed them to actually lower the tax rate.


Higher revenues = closed libraries. What happened to this guy. And why exactly did I vote for him?

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