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Miami's Jackson Health System assembles political team for $830 million bond referendum


Jackson Health System is preparing to wage an expensive countywide campaign to persuade Miami-Dade voters to approve $830 million in hospital upgrades financed by a property-tax rate hike.

The public health system has created a political action committee to raise money, and Carlos Migoya, Jackson’s chief executive, has hired a campaign manager who is assembling a political team to lead the fundraising and outreach effort for the Nov. 5 special election.

Though county commissioners only just approved the referendum on Tuesday, Jackson has been gearing up for the bond initiative behind the scenes for months. A privately funded poll whose results have not been made public gauged voters’ interest a year ago in raising additional public funds for the hospital. Jackson registered its fundraising committee, Citizens For A Healthy Miami-Dade, in May.

“After years of painful neglect, it is abundantly clear that without modern facilities, Jackson will always struggle to compete,” Darryl Sharpton, chairman of the Public Health Trust that governs the hospital, told commissioners Tuesday.

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Something is not right

Or you could spend the nearly billions to improve the hospital for starters. Maybe even save some lives.


They must be talking to the Dolphins if they think we are going to fall for that boondoggle.


Rick Scott is a jerk.

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