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Officials unravel Desai's downfall: extravagent spending, possible crimes

From @TBTimes

Six months after Universal Health Care Group declared bankruptcy, authorities are piecing together how extravagant spending and possible criminal conduct led to the demise of the once-thriving Medicare insurer.

A bankruptcy trustee alleges that Dr. Akshay "Doc" Desai, founder of the St. Petersburg company, and two of his top lieutenants took kickbacks from vendors seeking to do business with Universal.

A major bank alleges Desai might have had an insider stake in an Indian outsourcing company that collected millions of dollars from a Universal affiliate.

And the court official charged with liquidating Universal's assets and paying creditors has hired a top Miami law firm for a specific mission: to coordinate with federal prosecutors "in connection with any criminal related matters."

Desai and at least two of his former executives have hired well-known criminal defense attorneys, who insist their clients have done nothing wrong.

But interviews and recently filed court records show that even as Universal spiraled toward collapse, its leaders lived large at company expense. Desai and his wife, Seema, enjoyed weekends at a sumptuous corporate condo decorated with at least $115,000 in furnishings, including original artwork. Top executives drove luxury BMWs and joined dozens of other employees on a company-paid Mediterranean cruise. At the time, Medicare officials derided Universal for having among the worst customer service in the country with frequent complaints from members denied services and health care providers denied timely reimbursement. Story here. 




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AK Desai for LG?

Rick Scott's company paid the largest healthcare fine in history for fraud. He is now governor of the state of Florida. Maybe a AK will be his LG pick.


Was Desai another one of those corrupt Republicans that was Charlie Crist's buddies, like Jim Greer, the former R party chair who is now a prison-bound felon?

Given the political corruption and abuse of power that Democrats historically specialize in, maybe Crist ought to run for governor as a Democrat.

AK Desai RPOF/Rick Scott Finance Chairman


“A.K. is a tireless advocate for Florida and for our Republican party," said Gov. Rick Scott. "RPOF will be well served by his dedication and experience."

"On behalf of all of Florida's Republicans, I am grateful that Dr. Desai has agreed to accept this crucial role," said RPOF's Chairman, Lenny Curry. "In this election year we need the resources for victory, and Dr. Desai's long history of work for the state and our party make him a proven leader. A.K and I are ready to roll up our sleeves and win."

Can't take anymore

After serving his time in the federal prison system (probably about 60 days given AG Holder's pathetic record on white collar crime) can expect this crook to be deported to his native land? I doubt it, his political connections to the state and national Republican Party will cushion his fall to all but the smallest inconvenience.

Jackie K

This is how Florida Republicans Chair Lenny Curry finances A Day In Cristory? Talk about hypocritical!

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