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Pam Bondi criticizes Obamacare regulations on FOX News

The federal government quietly released a 606-page document Friday that outlined new regulations under the health care law, and Attorney General Pam Bondi doesn't like what she sees.

The government decided that state-run health exchanges won't have to verify that people are not receiving insurance from their employers before allowing them to receive tax subsidies to purchase coverage on the exchange. The honor system will be used, at least for the first year, meaning people who say they don't have employer-sponsored insurance will be taken at their word.

Income verification rules were also relaxed, because the federal government said it doesn't have the authority or resources to carry out that task as initially outlined.

"Here now, we have nothing to prevent fraud," Bondi said on "FOX and Friends" Tuesday morning. "Anyone can come and say we can qualify for this, and there is absolutely no verification." (Video after the jump.)

We should note here that the regulation applying to state-based health exchanges doesn't apply to Florida because it is among 27 states that decided to default to the federal government. Bondi didn't mention that fact during her nearly four-minute interview with host Gretchen Carlson.

"It's going to be difficult for the IRS to verify, it's going to be difficult for state authorites to verify and again it's just one more example of what a mess this federal government takeover has become," Bondi said.

The federal government has already launched a marketing campaign to educate consumers about the health exchanges. Open enrollment begins Oct. 1 for coverage beginning Jan. 1.


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Hey Pam...you no playa da game, you no maka da rules. Get over it.


This Bondi appearance is old news. Why has no Florida paper reported on this? "Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban: Lawsuit" The lawsuit was filed in Miami.

Tally Folly

Pam never met a case she couldn't lose, and waste taxpayer money at the same time, all to curry favor with the extremists in her party.
She may be a worse public servant than Rick Scott.
The AG office should have to report an ROI for all her ridiculous cases so the taxpayers can see how much of our money she has pissed away.

Can't take anymore

Seeing her political career as likely to be a short one, Pam continues to shore up her chummy relationship with Faux News to assure her future employment with them. It's surely a great time to be a white collar crook in Florida. You will have nothing to fear from our dizzy and preoccupied AG.


Pam Bondi has taken down pill mills, broken up gangs, made BP pay for its mistakes, and she's clamped down on mortgage fraud. She is going to obliterate any Dem opponent which is why there are exactly zero Dems who want to take her on.

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