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Police won't allow food to Capitol protesters, Dream Defenders say

Capitol Police on Saturday refused to allow deliveries of food and bottled water to the 60 young protesters camped inside the building, the group's leader said.

Capitol employees were allowed to bring hot meals to the protesters last weekend, said Phillip Agnew, whose Dream Defenders have spent the past 12 days in front of Gov. Rick Scott's office.

But when a staff member showed up around 2 p.m. Saturday with cold cuts and bread, the police refused the delivery, Agnew said.

The group has enough packaged bagels and bananas to last through Saturday night, Agnew said. But they expected to run out of food by Sunday morning. Bottled water was also in short supply.

"We knew this wasn't going to be easy," Agnew said. "But if we don't get some food soon, we are going to have a lot of really hungry people."

Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger disagreed with the account, saying Capitol employees were still allowed to bring food to the protesters.

"We haven't changed anything," Plessinger said. "The rules remain the same."

Agnew could not provide further details on who had tried to provide the food and why they were turned away.

Still, on Saturday afternoon, the group took to Twitter to alert its 8,200 followers that they couldn't get food.

"FDLE (capitol police) won't allow meals to come in for us to eat!," @Dreamdefenders tweeted at 3 p.m.

An hour later, they tweeted: "One of the female officers told us that if we're hungry that we can leave."

Responses to the alert were swift, coming in from across America.

"The @Dreamdefenders need our solidarity!," musical producer Russell Simmons posted on Twitter. "Call 850.487.2700 and tell Capitol Police to allow food and vital needs inside."

The Miami-based Dream Defenders say they won't leave until Scott convenes a special session on the Stand Your Ground law and racial profiling -- a demand the governor has repeatedly refused.

The group began its protest on July 16, three days after neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of Travyon Martin, an unarmed black teenager. Singer and civil rights activists Harry Belafonte joined the group Friday, but was not among the 105 activists who stayed overnight.

On Saturday morning, FDLE released an memo estimating the overtime costs for Capitol Police since the sit-in began as $57,971.


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Mike C.

No they do not have a right to be there you self indulging young person. The Capitol opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. and that is for everyone. No one should sleep in our State Capitol and I for one and pissed they are allowed to do so.

FDLE, Scott and his Louisiana political team are wrong for allowing this to happen in the first place. Soooo now that they are there Governor let them eat cake.

"It's pretty messed up that they won't allow food and water inside," said Regina Joseph, an 19-year-old student at Florida State. "They are citizens. They have a right to be inside."


The Capitol is a public building and is paid for by tax dollars - I see no better use for it than a peaceful protest. Would you prefer they block the sidewalks and streets?

J. Broderick

They need to camp outside where my tax dollars aren't being wasted. Send that money to people who need it.


Well ... the group should pick up the tab for reasonable overtime for officers in the Capitol. I'm sure some of their wealthy athlete and entertainer supporters can afford to pay for that.

On a more important level, Rev. King would be shocked that a bunch of protesting kids can't manage a weekend fast for justice. But some folks these days feel like protesting shouldn't cost them anything.

I do wonder why some rap star hasn't yet sent the protesters cases of Skittles and Arizona Watermelon fruit juice, yet. Of course, getting enough prescription prometh & codeine into the group would be problematic, but what fun is a protest without "purple drank"?

Ed Jenkins

These vagrants need to be rounded up and thrown in jail for this unauthorized abuse of public property. It would probably be best if they were rounded up and thrown in with the general prison population for a little while so they learn a lesson about what a life in the lawlessness they are engaging in will lead to. Since they are in school, their teachers needs to be deducting from their grades for every day their truancy continues.


With black on black murders numbering in the thousands every year....

Wouldnt it be in black peoples interest to keep the stand your ground law???

because without it many african americans will go to jail without the law...

I luagh at liberals....because apparanlty they arent able to think for themselves...

Especially when zimmerman didnt even use the satnd your ground law...

Think people think!!

Hugh Chip

So...the headline says they were denied food, but deep in the article the polce say they didn't.. The article offers no proof either way, but leaves the impression that the Dream Defenders are telling the truth. Interesting. I bet every public relations agency in America wishes they could get Dream Defender treatment. Headlines everyday. Instant printing of allegations. No evaluation of their background, motives, funding, donors. Where are the kings and queens of transparency? Liberal causes are like kryptonite to the mighty investigative media.


It is an old tactic in protesting to claim things that are not true. Then it gets published by their fellow travelers in the press corps and/or those press hacks who just love to prolong controversy or fill up space cheaply.

Question: Have these ragamuffins (aka activists) had their cell phones confiscated?
Answer: No.
Question: Why then aren't there photos or video out of the web of the capitol keystones refusing the catering delivery?


They are going to be waiting an awfully long time if they think they have a snowballs chance of changing Gov Scott's mind on Stand Your Ground. That law has overwhelming support in this state. So unless these guys plan on living in the Capitol for the next 20-30 years, I would suggest that they pick up their crap and go home.

Mike C.

Frank here you go again.

I am sure you have been to our Capitol. There is no way that they will block streets and sidewalks and you know this.

Yes it is the people's house but the house has normal business operating hours for the public. FDLE and evidently the Governor has given them permission to be there. In my opinion, that was the wrong decision and they can revoke that at any time. I urge them to do just that.

As for running out of water that is blown way out of proportion as there are water fountains on that floor (check back side of elevator area next to restrooms). So they would never, ever run out of water.

David J.

Mike C. is right! As a frequent visitor to our Capitol Frank is trying to make the uninformed believe there is no room for protestors. That simply is false.

Between the old Capitol Building and our Capitol there is a plaza that easily can handle over 2,000 individuals and has in the past. In front of our Capitol there are a series of steps and landings along with a fountain area where over 1,500 have gathered before.

So Frank try another angle as this one will not fly.

Mobetta Jenkem

What? No waddymellinz? Dat be all rayciss 'n sheeit!

Linda Hunt

The Herald's I-team needs to look into who is Dream Defenders and who is funding it? A lot of $, food, etc. coming from People for the American Way. See their website, go to Leadership page, go to Young People For (YP4) and see details of $, food, etc. The leaders of the Dream Defenders are also graduates of YP4, experienced in agetating Saul Alinsky style protests. They're also connected to Florida For All.org, run by a Democratic strategist who's goal is to bring down Gov. Scott. This latest PR effort is simply to get publicity...and judging from today's MH, it worked. (who am I? a retired investigative reporter, registered democrat who does not like what's going on and what's not being reported or is being reported biased).


RISE UP FLORIDA!!! We are with you!!! With love from Dallas, TX!!! <3


Create a dream moment! Throw teargas into the building.


"Dream Defenders"? What is their dream and just what are they defending? There was a colored boy once that had a "deram" and look how that ended. Coloreds are now uppity and do not know their place which is in their muddaland or back in the fields.

Where is Animal Coontrol when you need them to round up and cage these feral colored animals? They are trespassing and interfering with humans trying to conduct business. They need to pack it up and go back to their nests where they belong.

What this article left out is that this is a "protest" over Skittles aka Traycoon Martin and Castle Doctrine laws. The coloreds want what they believe is "justice". They do not get "justice" but the law and the law deemed Zimmerman was "not guilty".

Where is the demand for "justice" from colored over the murders of humans Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, that were tortured for days by coloreds, Autumn Pasquale, a young girl murdered by two teenapers and dumped in a trash can, and all the other human victims of colored crimes? Where are Sharpcoon, Jackscoon and Skittles' breeders eeking and ooking over this?

Coloreds have been coddled, loved and pandered to enough by race traitors that believe they are "just like us". To hell with these "protesting" coloreds and let them starve. Their every whim, whenever they eek and ook, is catered to, so the colored lovers' pets are not upset, and it needs to stop now.

Read the truth about coloreds, Skittles, Autumn, Christopher and Channon at Chimpmania.

Dream Defenders deserve thanks

How many ways can Rick Scott show he wants defeated in the next election?? Isn't he still the most unpopular Governor? His unpopularity has now extended from Florida to the whole country.

Think b4 Acting

Most of the callers to the FDLE hung up when an employee answered, and they called repeatedly. These calls locked up the departments ability to answer calls for crime-scene assistance, officer assistance and AMBER alerts. AMBER alerts, for those unaware, are to alert the public to missing children. People need to think things through and understand their actions before following the lead of random people on twitter, espeically celebrities who do not live in the real world anyway.

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