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PolitiFact tackles rumor about Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, etc., joining FL boycott

The claim about some high-powered stars aligning with Stevie Wonder's Florida boycott over the "stand your ground" law started on social networks -- IN ALL CAPS, with misspelled names and without sources.

Graphics on Facebook and Instagram name two dozen artists that have canceled tour dates in Florida indefinitely "UNTIL THE LAW IN FLORIDA IS ABOLISHED!" The list is populated with world-famous acts such as Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Rihanna, Rod Stewart, Patti LaBelle and the Rolling Stones, among other groups. Timberlake is said to have called off a stop in Miami because he refused "TO ENTERTAIN A STATE WHO’S GOVERNMENT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO SHOOT-N-KILL UN-ARMED TEENAGERS!"

Before long, thanks to a little mainstream coverage, it took off like a rocket into the blogosphere.

PolitiFact looked into it and found little to no accuracy in the rumor. Read on for the story and rating.

(Spoiler: the Justin Timberlake + Jay Z show at Sun Life Stadium on Aug. 16 is still a go.)


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You are celebrities, Justin, are you going to boycott Memphis, your home town? They have the same law.
I don't agree with Zimmerman walking either, but, he was tried by our laws. He won, and the jury did not convict.

I tHink you all need to remember how many fans pay your bills through their hard earned money.

Unbelievably, pathetic for you all to demand such attention to your personal opinions,. That is what we are being boycotted for, your precious opinions!

I boycott morons like you who abuse their fame.


JT is not boycotting anything. His show is still on the go. He replied to angry fans on his official Twitter, @jtimberlake. He said to not to listen to rumors and ti not assume....


Wow. The first commenter is a world class moron. Did you not just read this article that says it isn't true? People like you are the morons who spread stupid rumors like this.

Charlie Brown

Judging from the names, I wish they would boycott Florida. That's a real incentive to keep Stand your Ground. Which wasn't used by Zimmerman anyway. Its hard to "stand" your ground as you are being pummeled from someone on top of you!

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