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Rubio: It's not too late to stop ObamaCare

A day after the feds told Florida it's not too late to expand Medicaid, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio issued a statement of his own.

His message: It's not too late to stop ObamaCare.

"This September, Congress will have to pass another short term spending bill to fund the federal government," Rubio wrote in a piece posted on FoxNews.com on Thursday. "We should pass one that keeps the government open, but doesn’t waste any more money on ObamaCare... ObamaCare might be old news in Washington, but for millions of middle class Americans, it is just beginning. It is time to admit that ObamaCare isn’t going to work, decide not to waste a single cent more on it, and replace it with market-based reforms that will give people more health insurance choices and options."

Rubio gave a shout-out to Miami's Calle Ocho in the piece.

"Miami’s famed Calle Ocho is lined with small grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, beauty salons and small auto shops, among many other small businesses..." he wrote. "Many of them are too small to trigger the employer mandate, but their owners and their workers still have to deal with the individual mandate, which forces people to buy insurance on expensive state level exchanges. Because of ObamaCare, many of them will now have a new expense and it could be enough to put them out of business or force a downsizing."


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A simple emergency room visit costs $7500. Monthly insurance premiums for a family runs $1200. The Affordable Health Care Act is aptly named. It will allow the average worker to receive healthcare. Business's no longer offer healthcare as a benefit and are cutting hours to keep below the 30 hour a week requirement. At $10 an hour a 30 hour a week worker makes $1200 a month before taxes. If he works 2 jobs he can afford health insurance and very little else.
What is the GOP's solution? It is only to stop President Obama from doing anything and letting the common worker stay very poor and die quickly. Senator Rubio's 'market-based reforms' are what we have now - capitalism gone berserk.

John Wehrung

CBS poll, 36% of Americans want Congress to expand or keep the health care law while 39 percent want Congress to repeal it – the highest percentage seen in CBS News polls. The poll also found a majority of Americans – 54 percent – disapprove of the health care law, 36 percent of Americans approve of it and 10 percent said they don’t know about it.


Don't be fooled by the naysayers. The same arguments we hear today against health reform were used to attack President Franklin Roosevelt’s call for Social Security. It was denounced as a socialist program that would compete with private insurers and add to Americans’ tax burden so as to kill jobs. It is the law, upheld by the Supreme Court, so let it be enacted before we drown in the current system.

John Wehrung

Naysayers are a pretty diverse group.

'Three of the country's largest unions sent a letter to Democratic leaders in Congress stating that ObamaCare would "shatter not only hard-earned health benefits, but also destroy the 40-hour workweek that is the backbone of the American middle class."

"It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it."---Thomas Sowell


The Affordable Healthcare Act is administered through exchanges using private health insurance companies, just as the GOP insisted on, and limits their profits and administrative costs to 20% of premiums paid. The exchanges will do more to transform how insurance is sold in this country — and how much it costs — than any of us can imagine today. This time next year we’ll wonder why we waited so long to set them up.



Can't take anymore

SA, winner of the Teabagger Genius Award, Health Care Division.

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