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Sen. Bill Nelson: change Stand Your Ground, Florida


Florida Sen. Bill Nelson appeared on MSNBC today and spoke with Andrea Mitchell about the self-defense law connected to Trayvon Martin's shooting last year by George Zimmerman, who was acquitted July 13 of second-degree murder.

Nelson, a Democrat, has repeatedly downplayed calls for him to run for governor against Republican Rick Scott, but interviews like this make you wonder.

The transcript:

MITCHELL: I want to just give you a quick chance to speak back to … the leader of the Urban League, who believes that Stand Your Ground laws really do lead to more violence. You’re not going to take, or take a position, I should say, on the Florida law ?

NELSON:  Oh, indeed I do.  I think the Florida law ought to be changed.  I think where there are the extreme cases – for example, a guy gets into a fight, he leaves, goes to his car, gets a gun, and comes back and kills the person he was fighting – to use Stand Your Ground in that circumstance is ridiculous.  And yet, in 200 cases in my state of Florida, they go all over the waterfront as to how they’ve been adjudicated, and so I think the law needs to be considerably tightened.  And since it’s in about two dozen states, you’re not going to wipe out the laws – maybe down the road we do need to change these and completely eliminate them – but in the meantime, they need to be severely constricted.

MITCHELL: Senator Bill Nelson, thank you very much.

NELSON: Thanks, Andrea.


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Leaving and coming back is not standing your ground and a court has rules so,...

The law really encourages less violence, opposite what the Urban League says, as people are more courteous not knowing what the other person has in their pocket.

bakpia yogya

My suggestion to limit the use of firearms and the bad influence of political failure in sharing power in the world ..


I really want to vote for someone who can beat Rick Scott, but Bill Nelson will NOT be that person.

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