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Bennett's chief of staff leaves education department

From our friends at The Gradebook:

Dale Chu, chief of staff to former Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett, resigned his post one day after his boss quit the department.

Chu came to the Florida Department of Education with Bennett from Indiana, where he had been assistant state superintendent, overseeing Indiana's education reform initiatives. He came as part of a team of Indiana transplants whom Bennett relied upon as some of his core advisers.

Chu's name also appeared on several of the emails that became the crux of an Associated Press report indicating that Bennett had changed the school grade of a charter school run by a political supporter. The story led to Bennett's abrupt resignation.

On leaving office, Bennett said he would recommend that the FLDOE retain Chu and Will Krebs, another of the relocated Indiana officials. He called them some of the most talented education leaders in the country.

So far, Chu is the only one to depart, FLDOE spokesman Joe Follick said. His resignation is official on Sept. 3, but he will be on leave until that date, according to his brief letter to interim commissioner Pam Stewart.


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Does the press corps(e) [intentional] remember when that other Indiana top bureaucrat came down to run the prison system?

Ed Buss is the predecessor of Tony Bennett in every way, except that Ed never did (nor had to) run for office.

Why is this Governor enamoured of these Indianans ... only to decide later that those "esteemed" agency heads must go?

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