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UPDATE: Bullard asks Cabinet to pardon Marissa Alexander

State Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, is hoping the Florida Cabinet will help secure a pardon for Marissa Alexander.

Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing what she described as a warning shot at her husband. She tried to claim immunity under the state's controversial Stand Your Ground law, but was found guilty.

Bullard penned letters about the case to Attorney General Pam Bondi, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater last week. 

"Considering these unique circumstances, I would like to formally request that you support the recommendation to pardon Marissa Alexander," Bullard wrote in the letter to Bondi. "Ms. Alexander took precautionary steps to protect herself from unwanted danger. The Stand You Ground defense and exoneration should have applied to Ms. Alexander’s case."

Gov. Rick Scott would need at least two members of the Cabinet to start the pardon process.

At a Cabinet meeting Tuesday, Putnam said he had not yet received Bullard's letter.

"I take our clemency responsibility very seriously," he said. "I look forward to receiving Sen. Bullard's letter and looking into that case to the extent that that case is ripe for clemency action."

Scott said he had referred Bullard to General Counsel Pete Antonacci.

-- Herald/Times staff writer Tia Mitchell contributed reporting.

Download Letter to Attorney General Bondi for Marissa Alexander (1)

Download Letter to Chief Financial Officer Atwater for Marissa Alexander

Download Letter to Commissioner Putnam for Marissa Alexander


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Volumes of mitigating and exculpatory evidence were withheld from the jury. Rico had tried to frame two different partners previously. Not admissible. Rico had beaten Marissa into the hospital previously. Not admissible. Rico had a long history of violence against women. Not admissible. Rico had a restraining order against him and if he had obeyed it none of this would have happened. Not admissible. Rico's testimony was purchased by the prosecution by not trying him for violating the restraining order Marissa had against him. Not admissible. All of the abuser turned accuser's prior baby mommas had lived in terror of his man. Not admissible. Marissa was an excellent shot and could have riddled him with bullets. Not introduced. Marissa most likely was suffering from post partum depression, traumatic brain injury, and or post traumatic stress disorder. Not introduced. No one can blame this jury. The blame lies with the prosecutor, the judge and their hero the abuser turned accuser.


If ever Stand Your Ground should apply, this is the time. Marissa attempted to stop an impending abuser, while not hurting anyone. How could she have been convicted at all?

Can't take anymore

It looks like SYG would have only applied in this case if Marissa had plugged this low-life right between the eyes. Don't waste your time firing a warning shot. Just blow them away and your freedom is just about assured, at least in Seminole County.


Both George Zimmerman and Marissa Alexander were justified in what they did.

Marissa is a victim of Mandatory sentancing laws which should be repealed. Guilty of Muder?-Perhaps but the punishment does not fit the crime. Pardon her for time served.


Michael, Marissa did not commit murder. She fired away from her larger and violent aggressor and hurt no one. She was being pursued by someone she had restraining orders against. She was sentenced 20 years.

Zimmerman shot and killed his victim, a teen almost half his weight, who Zimmerman was pursuing. He was not even charged for several weeks.


"Ms. Alexander took precautionary steps to protect herself from unwanted danger. The Stand You Ground defense and exoneration should have applied to Ms. Alexander’s case."

Here is the problem folks... when even legislators are willing to look beyond facts and distort, there is no hope for civilized debate on topics.

Ms. Alexander left a volitile situation to obtain a weapon and she returned to fire at her husband. She became the agressor at that point in the situation.


I feel bad for Ms. Alexander, but SYG does not apply.
One, she retreated. She was out of harm's way and returned.
Two, she fired a warning shot. The very first thing you are taught in concealed weapons class is that you NEVER fire a 'warning shot'. If you ever feel the need to firm your weapon, shoot center mass.


Whether we think SYG applies or not, she never should have been given 20 yrs for firing a warning shot. He was a violent man who should have been locked up for violating the restraining order. I don't understand why people like to pick apart situations that they are not a part of and make it sound okay to harm victims. She was a victim, a victim who had a chance to KILL her attacker and instead shot a warning out. If it were me, I would have shot the a**hole.


Leaving to get a gun and returning to the scene where she was threatened does not qualify under stand your ground........


Ms. Alexandra never left the house. Ok she went into the garage, but she's still on her property. & what you fail realize Dustup, is that her kids were there. I'm sorry I wouldn't have left my kids either. Who's to say he wouldn't have did anything to harm those kids. She abided by the law by getting a restraining order. She was in her home minding her business. she did nothing wrong. 20 years, not only should she have shot him, she should've killed his ass.


Dear Dustup & Repubtallygirl,

Stand Your Ground means that you have absolutely no duty to retreat. It means that 'Sally' can indeed go get her gun, bat, knife, etc. It means you have no obligation under the law to retreat, which is distinct from self-defense. While it might prove difficult to win a self-defense argument when one has retreated, retrieved a gun and returned to the threat (none of which was precisely done in this case), that is precisely the type of behavior that Stand Your Ground laws allow you to undertake.

But, let's say you don't quite understand the Stand Your Ground law and continue to believe it should not apply here, make no mistake that this is more about the value of female life versus male life. I guess females are not allowed to Stand Up for themselves. I guess women are supposed to wait for a man to come save them. I guess this woman's mistake was not remembering her place and having the audacity to believe she had any equal protection either under the law or within her own community of women (who appear to be the main ones throwing her both under the bus and then driving over her tortured behind...). SMH-vigorously!

True Jones

She is very guilty...you never leave and then come back if you're in danger you should retreat to the nearest exit and she didn't she planned the whole thing...her intention where never to leave her intentions were to kill him she just didn't and she shot at him and his kids...she has no regards for humanity at all.

True Jones

Kizzy, her kids were not in the house his children were so she had not regards for the life of the kids as well. Bullets don't have names and the bullet couldv'e easily hit one of the kids


She does not qualify for SYG. The jury got it right.

Jerome Almon

President Obama should do the pardon-



Please, free this woman! Enough is enough.

Admit the FL justice system is broken. Dismiss the incompetent and racist Angela Corey, and the judge and prosecutor and anyone else who conspired in this travesty of justice. And do it now!


Anyone who would like to view and sign my petition regarding Marissa Alexander, please click on the link below


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