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Conservative groups to hold anti-Common Core meeting in Miami

Last week, we wrote about growing opposition to the new Common Core standards.

On Saturday, the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition will host a town hall in Miami.

Speakers include Karen Effrem, of Education Liberty Watch; Emmot McGroarty of The American Principles Project; Thais Alvares, of Florida Parents Against Common Core; and Randy Osborne of the Florida Eagle Forum.

The event begins at 10 a.m. at New Testament Baptist Church, 6601 NW 167th St. 




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Common Core is here to stay because it raises the educational standards of our schools to international levels.


tea partiers are batsh*t crazy. don't even waste your time listening to these cooks. they run a cult.


tea partiers are crazy. they run cults in the deep woods. they don't like jews, blacks, or hispanics either.


This isn't about Tea Party Members. This is about the education of our children. Have you even looked at what is expected of our children and educators? 5 year old kids are required to have 90 minutes of self reading and 45 minutes of quiet writing time. Most Kindergartners can't even read or write!!! Also, the intensity level is overwhelming teachers and students alike. If you have school aged children you need to look at how Common Core is truly affecting your child.

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