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Context Florida launches

From Saint Petersblog:

Launching online today is Context Florida, a statewide opinion network focused on Florida politics and public affairs. The non-profit project is the brainchild of Peter Schorsch, the executive editor of SaintPetersBlog, one of the most influential political websites in Florida.

Context Florida will produce original commentary from a stable of respected, veteran journalists, as well as several leading new media voices and will be edited by Thomas O’Hara, formerly the managing editor of The Palm Beach Post and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Schorsch and O’Hara, as well as many of the columnists writing for Context Florida, contributed to the Florida Voices website.

Among those who will be published on Context Florida are Barney Bishop, former Miami Herald editor Doug Clifton, Julie Delegal, Sen. Dan Gelber, blogger Ben Kirby, Steve Kurlander, former Tampa Bay Times deputy editor of editorials Martin Dyckman, former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, Rick Outzen, Dr. Ed Moore, political scientist Dr. Darryl Paulson, Democratic strategists Steve Schale and Ashley Walker, Andrew Skeritt, Patrick Slevin, Florence Snyder, and Republican political consultant Bob Sparks.


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Do these people know anything about Schorsch and his record of Ill contempt? Jesus people! There's selling out and then there's just plain stupid ass ignorant!


Um ... let's see now ... Florida voices failed because they couldn't get enough visitors to justify advertising dollars. So what makes this site likely to do better? From the line-up listed, it will be lean generally left (the direction "progressives" call "forward"), with some token Republicans. Do they suppose to attract enough lefties as regular visitors to bring in ad bucks? Air America mistakenly though they could do that on radio. Or maybe there are enough liberal billionaires lined up to fund this page? If this is really a business venture, as opposed to a political front for the Democrats, the fundamental flaw is that only "true believers" (on either political wing) care what a bunch of politico-journalist bobble-heads say on tv or what another bunch of such blogger-heads write on some website.


Whasup -- I have already proven, with two existing projects -- that I know how to make online political work while maintaining a balance of opinions. I mean, look at my first column on the site about giving Rick Scott credit; I don't think you'll read that in many other mainstream sites.


Sorry not a fan of a convicted felon's opinion.


Im surprised Paul Bradshaw isnt a guest columnist since the editor of that site fantasizes about Southern Strategy every day.

Its obvious the site is based in st pete, as most of the stories about Tallahassee goings on are spoon fed BS from lobbyists. Caputo has more quality in his pinky than this guy has in his big waist.


Wow, Jeri, you really don't like me. I'm sorry I don't know who you are so I could return the favor.


I am not a huge fan of PS's style. Its hard to go from a hardnosed local government campaign operative to a respected voice on statewide politics - all from your hometown St Pete bubble where all you here about are local BS politics, Jack Latvala, Jeff Brandes, Rick Baker, bla bla bla.

His style has no filter, and very little "longview", as he is a recent entrant into the field of media. I'm not here saying that MAK and Marc Caputo are always right - they aren't 100%, but I Trust their stuff. I don't get the sense that they are personally benefiting to push the story. I get that sense with the St Peters Blog, and others who play in this field. Advertising and referrals often push their stories. Personal benefit. Although I have no firsthand knowledge of this at the SPB, it certainly appears that is the case - its just a hunch reading his stuff. I hope "PS" goes about the next few years demonstrating to many of us observers that isn't the case.

Either way, I wish him no harm, other than the fact he is an unfortunate FSU grad and like most FSU grads, has his share of brushes with the po-po!

Truth about Schorsch

The thing about Schorsch is, being a thug with a criminal record and dirty politics and a total lack of ethics is in his blood. It will catch up with him and all of these seemingly decent people who are part of his effort will, after tarnishing their own reputations, realize they have been on a fool's errand.

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