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Despite dimming future for nuclear power, FPL asks to continue collecting for Turkey Point

Five years and more than $650 million into refurbishing and building nuclear reactors, Florida Power & Light officials told regulators Monday that it can’t guarantee what new reactors will cost consumers, when the reactors will deliver energy, or even if it will get a license to finish the job.

Despite the uncertainty, the state’s largest electric company asked regulators to allow it to continue to charge customers to pay for the prospective expansion of the Turkey Point plant on Biscayne Bay in south Miami-Dade County.

The monthly cost on every customer bill in 2014: 48 cents per 1,000 kilowatt hour on every customer bill, down from the $1.65 a month charged this year to pay for upgrades on the existing reactors.

The earliest conceivable date the project could generate power: 2022. Story here. 


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I don't care how many friends I have who work in the electric utility corporation world ... the simple fact is that, if they are not building nuclear power plants, they have zero business collecting money for such "potential" purposes.

Of course, if the Public Service Commission, had anybody on it who had balls or a spine or, whatever female body part is reasonably equivalent, they would allow FPL to collect the money, but only to place it in an escrow account, against the future days and costs FPL incurred to build the damn nuclear plant.


If nuclear power was really such a good deal it would pay for itself. The fiasco in florida is proof that nuclear can't deliver what it promises and we need to look to solar and wind and tidal hydro power that won't go Fukushima on us.

William Wilgus

Of course they're going to keep collecting the money. They get to keep it even if the don't build the plants. I suspect that they don't actually intend to build them anyway.

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