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Dream Defenders willing to consider hearings as alternative to special session

The student activists camped outside Gov. Rick Scott's office were optimistic Friday when House Speaker Will Weatherford agreed to hold hearings on the Stand Your Ground self-defense law.

But there are still two other topics the group wants addressed.

Dream Defenders Director Phillip Agnew said the group is just as adamant that the Legislature take up racial profiling and the school-to-prison pipeline.

"Those other two pillars are just as important to us," Agnew said. "We've got some great ideas and we'd like to get them before a committee of lawmakers."

Agnew's Dream Defenders had pledged to continue their weeks-long occupation of the Florida Capitol until Scott called a special session on the three topics -- a demand has Scott refused. But on Saturday, Agnew said the group might be satisfied with hearings on each issue.

"We still believe a special session would be best, but there are other routes we can take," he said. "There was a stalemate. We don't want that. We recognize that there is still a lot more work for our young people to do."

Could this mean an end to the protest?

Agnew said there are no plans to bring the occupation to an end. Rapper Talib Kweli is planning to come by Thursday.

But this could be the start of an endgame.


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sup sup

Don't accept it. It's a political run around.

David J.

So Will Weatherford is saving Scott's ass?

Can't take anymore

This is crap. Weatherford has already tapped Gaetz Jr. to chair the hearing and Jr. has already boasted that he will promise not a single word of Florida's SYG law will change. Now Scott can declare victory and have the Capitol Cops boot the protestors.


The public supports Gun rights and stand your ground Go away, freaks. You will get nothing but a rout. People of florida will shut you out 77-0. They will run up the score. Dance in the endzone. Then give you an insulting gatoraide bath.

Ed Jenkins

These vagrants need to be removed from public property and either incarcerated or have them or their parents fined for this misuse of our property. Our government offices are meant for the conduct of business by government officials, not as housing for some vagrants who beg for food and disrupt business. Another idea would be to use some fumigation or gas to force these bums out.

Sophia LaMar

Feeling defensive guys!! This form of protest is available for all who have grievances with the law. It's written in the Constitution of the United States, perhaps a little reading of US history is in order. Also, I believe the vagrants you referred to have shown more courage, spirit and determination than their opponents that are upset the Dream Defenders know their rights. It's called intellect!!! Even with voter suppression Florida went to President Barack Obama. See throughout history Evil is when good men and women do nothing. The majority of Americans did something. Murder, racial profiling and the prison pipeline will not go away without lawful peaceful protest. Just like Jim Crow, lynching and other forms of discrimination were defeated in our checkered past as Americans. Keep up the good work Dream Defenders!! You are our future Americans who want and demand a great country, not a backwards, ignorant country that we are so intent on producing. Like minded Americans are so proud of you!!!

Never happy

LOL. The remaining few squatters are looking for an exit strategy that slows th to save face.

Ok Kk

"Scott was in charge of Columbia/HCA when it was found to have perpetrated massive Medicare fraud. And, as The Florida Independent previously reported, Solantic, the chain of clinics he founded, has been repeatedly accused in lawsuits of having a policy prohibiting the hiring of overweight women (which is not illegal). Former employees also claimed that either Scott or other company executives prohibited the hiring of Hispanics with strong accents, older black women and people of Middle Eastern descent. A former Solantic medical director claims Scott told him repeatedly that all hires had to be “mainstream” Americans."

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