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Goodwill Industries uses federal exemption to pay workers below minimum wage


On the factory floor at Goodwill Industries of South Florida, cerebral palsy doesn’t stop Donnie Williams from stitching one button hole after another into the military trousers the Miami non-profit makes for the Pentagon.

But workplace productivity calculations did conclude the disability prevents the 58-year-old from stitching as many button holes as would someone without the condition. As a result, Williams earns $4.22 an hour, according to a Goodwill supervisor, about 45 percent below Florida’s minimum hourly wage of $7.79.

The gap is allowed under a federal program designed to create jobs for people with significant disabilities, both as a way to train them for a spot in the workforce and to help them lead more active lives. Disclosure forms show Goodwill in recent years paid some workers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale less than 40 cents an hour, while the average wage hit $4.76 for nearly 300 garment workers like Williams in the program. More here.



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.40 cents an hour? Why didn't you disclose the salary of Goodwills CEO? Goodwill International CEO Jim Gibbons, earns a base salary of $434,252.

Ed Jenkins

It is good to know that some people are able to get jobs despite the attempts of the unwise people to have pushed this awful price fixing minimum wage concept. It is common sense to people who understand economics that all a minimum wage does is hurt the poor and uneducated by reducing jobs available for them and causing labor tasks that cost too much to be replaced with machines. Repeal the minimum wage so that we can help the poor.

Bobby spice

I work at goodwill in Miami on 22 ave and these people lie too much they say everyone is disabled that is not true they make us work like animals and our paycheck is$200 to $500 we have family and kids this place needs to close down or pay us more money

Bobby spice

When people have no work they send them home for 3 day's
The reason why this goodwill is still open its because they say this a place for disabled people and everyone is disabled well that is a lie

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