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Governor apparently has had enough 'Let's Get to Work Days'

Best we can tell, Gov. Rick Scott hasn't had a "Let's Get to Work Day" since January. Back in 2011, the governor announced that he was mimicking Gov. Bob Graham's work days as a way to travel the state, meet people, learn what they do and -- this is us talking -- get some easy, noncontroversial publicity.

But those work days seem to have stopped after his January visit to Goya Foods, Scott's 15th work day.

Graham reportedly totaled 408 work days.


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Fraud is Legal if You Are Rick Scott

Back to his "Fraud is Working Days".


It was a stupid gimmick from the beginning.

Yeah okay

This is terrible journalism. Bob Graham totaled 408 work days in over 40 years. Pretty fair comparison if you ask me.

Common Sense Steve

Governor Graham treated his work days seriously. Scott was more focused on media attention than actually working . . . That's if you can even call playing DJ on a cruise ship work.

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