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It’s August. Again. Time for anonymous Dems to attack Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Again.


Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Broward Congresswoman, is a political animal. And some of her fellow Democrats don’t like it. Obama World is apparently displeased.

Sound familiar?

It’s not just a major theme of a Politico piece today about the Broward Congresswoman’s future fundraising and political aspirations, the narrative first appeared in a Politico e-book almost exactly 12 months ago in a separate case:

“Many of Obama’s advisers have quietly begun questioning whether they should have picked Wasserman Schultz, an outspoken Florida congresswoman, as his DNC chairwoman. She has clashed with Chicago over her choice of staff and air-time on national TV shows — and they think she comes across as too partisan over the airwaves.

“Obama’s brain trust secretly commissioned pollster David Binder to conduct an internal focus study of the popularity of top Obama campaign surrogates. Number one was former press secretary Robert Gibbs, followed by Cutter. Traveling press secretary Jen Psaki, who was added to a second study, was third. Axelrod, Plouffe and current White House press secretary Jay Carney were bunched in the middle. Wasserman Schultz ranked at the bottom.”

The White House then responded to the report, saying the president "absolutely" had confidence in Wasserman Schultz, whose defenders noted that she continued to do TV appearances.

Then, today, Politico reported:

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz spent 18 months slogging through 885 events in 31 states to boost President Barack Obama’s chances for reelection.

“Now, she is planning to employ the nearly unrivaled Rolodex she’s built to turn it into political muscle in the Capitol — for herself.

“The Florida Democrat is using the Democratic National Committee’s extensive and deep-pocketed donor network to construct a stronger and more expansive political operation, and at least “double” the money she gives to Democrats in the House, Senate and state capitals around the country, she said in an interview.”

Some Democrats in DC saw the interview as an effort motivated by Wasserman Schultz to put her name out there (her office denies that) and said it flew over “like a lead balloon.”

And once again, the anonymous of Obama World are sinking their fangs back into Wasserman Schultz, according to this BuzzFeed piece:

“One senior Democratic source said the White House was 'absolutely outraged' by Wasserman Schultz’s comments in Politico.

“Another said Democrats in the House were just as upset. The source pointed to the number of “I, me or my” statements in the interview and said it reads like Wasserman Schultz thinks “others in leadership now don’t exist.”

“ ‘It’s a fucking car wreck,” said a third prominent Democrat.”

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the two hits on Wasserman Schultz surfaced in consecutive Augusts, but it’s tough to ignore the pattern: Some influential Democrats don’t like her.

And regardless of all that, what's with the hysteria? It certainly has a whiff of an internal congressional caucus power-play hit job (the faux outrage, not the reporting, which has been interesting and insightful). Or maybe it's a leftover campaign-era grudge. Or maybe it's a little or none.

As for the Politico story last year, how weird is it to think that a campaign would have to hire a focus group to tell it that a political party chair would be perceived as partisan? Isn't that the point of being the head of a party?

As for the outrage now, what's so weird about a nationally recognized political player remaining a political player? So a political fundraiser with a big network wants to use that network for politics. And somehow some Democrats and some in Obama World are annoyed with playing politics?

What else does Obama World do, but play politics? Apparently, it engages in hypocrisy along the way. Next Obama World will accuse her of being arrogant or disloyal. Because, lord knows, nothing is more humble and loyal than those of Obama World.


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DWS has had a tough job and done well. She's always stood by her staff.

Joshu Jones

Sounds like some right-wingers hiding somewhere in the woodpile attempting to create a schism where none exists.

sup sup

Joshu Jones is right. This is odd.

Ted Tyrone

She needs to let the 501c4's do this for her like the others do.


Obama and his minions created a monster when they put the Ditz in that job.


We are all proud of Debbie in Florida. Buzzfeed is good for posting GIFs of cats and Politico has has a lot of right-wingers writing for them.

Richard McDowell

Hi Debbie, Please stand up against any gun control.I am old and being able to protect myself makes me feel much better.Rich

Doris Weatherford

I'm a historian, and I predict that Debbie will go down in history as a giant of this era. I'm also a Floridian who has watched her closely since she was the youngest woman ever elected to our legislature. Since then, she's become a caring mother (I've seen her interact with her kids at events); endured repeated surgeries for breast cancer; and still has enough energy to give Democrats a much better year in 2012 than in 2010. The above person who called her a "ditz" is just hugely ignorant.


@Joshua Jones said "Sounds like some right-wingers..." - reminds me of liarpants Wass-Schultz on responding to her lying comments about Isreali ambassador Oren by claiming that a "conservative newspaper" made it up "not surprisingly"...is blaming "right wingers" and "conservatives" the de facto position a result of laziness or are lefties truly incapable independent cerebral function? you lefties truly sound and look like sheep. you can't even mix up synonyms to break up the monotony of your standard "talking points"...@Doris Weatherford - Wass-Schultz wasn't responsible for the improvement between '10 and '12 - Obama's campaign machine which never dissolved after '08 was responsible. oh - and his name on the ticket as well (just a minor factor, lol).

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