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Miami Dade murderer John Errol Ferguson is executed


STARKE -- John Errol Ferguson, 65, was executed Monday evening after serving three decades on Florida’s death row for eight Miami-Dade murders.

His last words unintelligible to witnesses; he was declared dead at 6:17 p.m.

Just hours before, Ferguson dined on standard inmate fare: a meat patty with white bread, steamed tomatoes, potato salad, diced carrots and iced tea.

About an hour before the scheduled execution, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a motion to halt the proceedings.

“We are gravely disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court denied John Ferguson’s request to clarify the standard for evaluating an individual’s competence to be executed and denied his request to invoke the Court’s categorical bar on the execution of the insane,” Christopher Handman, Ferguson’s attorney, wrote in a statement.

“Mr. Ferguson has a documented 40-year history of severe mental illness diagnosed repeatedly by state doctors in state institutions. Mr. Ferguson has been profoundly mentally ill for four decades, pre-dating the crimes for which he is scheduled to be executed, but is now deemed suddenly and inexplicably cured.” Story here.


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Dan Irwin

He deserved to die. However, his execution came 35 years too late. The world is a better and safer place with him gone. Taxpayers sould not have to bear the expense of his incarceration. If individuals feel differently, that is fine, but they then should bear the cost.


After 35 years it is about time this finally happened. These death row inmates are living off of our tax dollars and wasting space. This guy should have been put to death years ago for his crimes and there were many more that have not been listed in any of these news articles. The lawyers have wasted taxpayers money filing appeals for the last 35 years. The system needs to change. Everyone deserves a fair trial but once it is determined you are guilt and you are on death row it should not take this long. The length of time this took was a crime in itself. The good news is he is FINALLY gone. He was showed more mercy in the death process than he ever gave his victims.

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