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Miami mayoral candidate fires office staffer over offensive tweets

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Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez on Wednesday fired a staffer who griped about constituents on Twitter, a day after maintaining that the apologetic aide would keep her job.

Christina Haramboure, a 24-year-old special aide and administrative assistant, tweeted about her dislike of constituents for more than a year, dispatching a series of particularly offensive posts Monday in which she suggested some constituents should get “a lobotomy.”

“I want to first apologize to the residents of District 4 for the inappropriate and clearly offensive comments made by my commission aide,” Suarez said in a statement announcing Haramboure’s termination Wednesday afternoon.

“Her tweets are unacceptable and are in no way a reflection of the culture within my commission office, and furthermore there is no justification for the disturbing things that she posted.”

Among the tweets posted to her personal @ChristinaHam account, which has since been deleted, Haramboure hurled what many Spanish speakers consider a racially tinged insult: tira flecha.

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Sick and Tired

Complete BS!
This is exactly the way he feels about his constituents.
Time to start mining your district for the illegal absentee ballots from the poor hungry cubans living in government housing.This whole " reaching out to younger voters through social media" shtick is all smoke an mirrors to distract dumb dumb Rundle and Centorino at the useless attorney generals office. If you really felt respect for the people In your district you would have fired this rude employee on the spot!

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Give me a break, why doesn't the Miami Herald concentrate their efforts on issues that have plagued the Regalado administration.

1. Current SEC investigation
2. Police brutality - killings
3. The Ghost Mayor - Armandito
4. Marrero pouring his OWN homes driveway using city funds and resources.
5. Trying to pay off the previous Chief of Police.
6. Losing and then finding $40,000,000.00
7. Supporting the red light cameras.
8. Regalado paying ethics fine for campaign contribution irregularities.
9. Regalado states net worth of 5,000.00?????? Are you serious. The guy has a salary for being a radio personality and an elected official.
10. City management staff, highest turnover in recent history.
11. City crime rate increasing.
12. Ada Rojas

I could go on for hours, the herald's focus on stupid petty issues like Suarez's aid are the reason why our city is viewed as a banana republic. I hope Suarez is not discouraged by the continued attacks by the Herald and Tomas's girlfriend, Mrs. Rundle.

Joshu Jones

Wow, I posted on a previous thread that Suarez might have something other than a business relationship with Haramboure, and that got my post censored???

What a sad excuse for a blog.

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