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Political newcomer, marine corps vet, announces challenge to Atwater


Allie braswellAllie Braswell, head of the Central Florida Urban League and former Disney official, is running to be the Democratic challenger to Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater.

"I’m not a politician. But what we’re getting out of politician Jeff Atwater is a go-along to get-along style that is hurting Floridians. Under his watch, billions in no-bid contracts have been given away and people with insider connections are getting rich off taxpayer money,” said Braswell, a Sanford native and son of a citrus truck driver and Marine Corps. veteran.

“We need a leader who will help protect taxpayers by cracking down on huge contracts that politicians are handing over to their supporters and political allies,'' he said. "I’ll be a fiscal watchdog who will hold our government and politicians accountable and fight to shift the focus of our leaders away from helping their friends and back to attracting good jobs to Florida."

As a first time candidate little known outside the Orlando area, Braswell is the clear underdog against Atwater, a formidable money-raiser who previously served as Florida Senate president and as a banking executive.

Braswell, after 13 years in the Marines, worked a senior technology officer and diversity manager at Walt Disney World, before taking the helm of the Metropolitcan Orlando Urban League in 2010 at the time the non-profit was struggling.

Braswell says he wants to give working class Floridians a voice in Tallahassee.

“I will stand for the people of Florida against waste, fraud and abuse in Tallahassee, and fight to achieve social and economic success for every Floridian.”



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Ed Jenkins

Urban league that had corruption written all over it and he sounds upset that he didn't get a contract as a payoff so he is running against the current guy. Only business experience is as a "diversity manager" could there be any position more worthless in a company?

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