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PolitiFact Florida looks at pro-marijuana ad

Just as fans were filing into the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a big television screen by the entrance displayed a pro-pot ad with the headline "A new beer?"

The ad, which opens with smiling young adults hoisting their brew mugs, drew outrage from lots of sources, including the St. Petersburg-based Drug Free America Foundation. The TV screen company, Grazie Media, pulled the ad after a few hours.

The ad said: "If you’re an adult who enjoys a good beer, there’s a similar product you might want to know about, one without all the calories and serious health problems. Less toxic so it doesn’t cause hangovers or overdose deaths. And it’s not linked to violence or reckless behavior. Marijuana. Less harmful than alcohol and time to treat it that way."

The ad is interesting in the context of an effort in Florida to get a proposed medical marijuana constitutional amendment on the 2014 ballot. People United for Medical Marijuana has collected enough voter signatures to trigger a Florida Supreme Court review of the proposed amendment language.

The ad addresses many issues, but in this fact-check, we decided to focus on the idea that marijuana is "less toxic" than alcohol.

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kenny smith

It would be interesting to know what percentage of Florida's citizens support and oppose marajuana legalization.

It would be nice to know if legalization stands a chance with this upcoming ballot initiative.


A family sport with its roots in bootleggers.


Less toxic than alcohol. OK. But alcohol and pot are typically taken in different ways (drinking vs. smoking).

Isn't it interesting that they did NOT compare pot smoking with the major legal recreational drug that is taken the same way (i.e., nicotine)?

Wonder why that is? Is smoking pot more or less toxic than smoking tobacco?

Why doesn't the press, or the fact checkers, ever ask such obvious questions?

Tally Folly

@Whasup why don't you google it yourself before asking dumb questions?
Cigarettes kill 443,000 people each year in America. There are no deaths associated with the smoking of marijuana.


Ok then why is injecting heroin more dangerous than smoking it.... just because you drink alcohol doesn't make it better for you in comparison to smoking weed. I'm a statistical kind of guy. That's all I need.

steven mackinnon

alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs kill people everyday, cannabis has no deaths but curse alot of diseases that are out there!!!


With all of the scientific data available from around the world anyone with an 8th grade reading ability can form their own opinion.
To support Cannabis prohibition is a crime against the sick and suffering... it supports the American Slave trade with for-profit prison industry..and continues to destroy lives over a racist law from 1937.
The Prohibitionists use propaganda and fear tactics...and they are the criminals..not the people who use cannabis for wellness and healing.

Jason Nall

While I am a huge supporter of Medical Pot, I disagree with the way the article was weak on Pot horrible health effects. 1st. No mention (as mentioned here already) about the smoking of pot (which is not a problem for me with Medical Pot for worse situations and where pain killers cannot be used, already such bad shape what difference will it make and have no choice) similar horrible negative effects as smoking cigarettes.
2nd. Memory loss
Cigarettes are legal and Smoking Pot is illegal, until recently in everywhere and still federal government is overstepping their powers in legal to smoking pot states, explains lack of numbers; but NOT the scientific research that has already been done.

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