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Pro-Obamacare group plans push back, staffs up in Florida


Enroll America, the group helping to educate people about the new health care law, now has 27 staffers on the ground in Florida, illustrating how important the state is to the overall viability of Obamacare.

Nick Duran, Florida state director, said in a conference call this morning that volunteers have begun making connections with nonprofit health care groups to spread the word. Volunteers have started going door-to-door and plan a blitz at back to school events and on college campuses.

One man went on a Haitian radio show in Miami to discuss the law and got more than 20 phone calls from people wanting to know more, Duran said.

It's a campaign style outreach, though Enroll America is not an arm of Obama's Organizing for Action, which is doing similar work. They are pushing to inform people as the health care marketplaces under the law begin taking enrollments Oct. 1.

The effort comes as critics of the law are engaged in a counter campaign. Sen. Marco Rubio, for example, is traveling the state this weekcriticizing the law's effect on businesses.

"Over the next 50 days we're going to continue to focus on building momentum," Duran said.

Florida, which has the nation's third highest rate of uninsured, is one of 10 states Enroll America is focusing on. The others are: Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona and Ohio.

-- Alex Leary


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Ed Jenkins

First of all there should be no government funded recruiting drive for this program, if people want this they will look into it and sign up. More importantly, these people should leave our state which is against this abomination by a 2 to 1 margin and head to one of those communist states in the north or California.


Spoken by a person who already has health insurance!

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