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Rap star Talib Kweli plans to visit Dream Defender protest outside Rick Scott's office


First, it was a Tweet from the rapper Nas.

Then legendary entertainer and civil-rights activist Harry Belafonte paid a visit to the Miami-based youth activists known as the Dream Defenders, who have spent nearly three weeks camped outside Gov. Rick Scott's office.

Then came Jesse Jackson, followed by activist and poet Kevin Powell.

Now Talib Kweli, one of the biggest names in thoughtful rap is planning to come by Thursday and lend his support, according to the group's organizer, Phillip Agnew.

The Dream Defenders have demanded Scott call a special session to address the Stand Your Ground self-defense law, racial profiling and the school-to-prison pipeline. They don't care that Scott has refused. The Dream Defenders say they won't leave until their demands are met.

Yesterday, some of their nonviolent protesting paid off when the House announced hearings into the self-defense law connected to the shooting death of Miami Gardens 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The Dream Defenders, who began their protest July 16, three days after George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict in the case, has been allowed to stay in the Capitol on nights and weekends, though the number of protesters has been dwindling in recent days.

Visits like Talib Kweli's, and press from Michael Skolnik's Global Grind, are a must to help keep the group's message in the media and in the public.  (One Talib Kweil line from an old tracks, "Sharp Shooters," is particularly apt: "Know your gun laws.")

So the Dream Defenders might be there for the long haul. At this rate, the group could be in the Capitol until the first Tuesday in March, when the regular legislative session begins. And chances are slim that the Republican-controlled Legislature will change Stand Your Ground or reform the prison system amid protests from liberal-leaning activists.

But stranger things have happened.

--with Kathleen McGrory


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Cliff R

If you can't stand your ground, what's the point of the 2nd ammendment? Too bad the entertainment community is getting involved... I haven't heard any hip hop songs lately that say "don't stand up for yourself, run away from the bad guy and hope he doesn't hurt you"...pathetic. be prepared if you plan to stand your ground...carry a firearm everyday (legally of course). Otherwise you may end up like Trayvon yourelf.

The Bearer of Truth


that is a straw man argument. changing or repealing syg addresses the way it is failing all citizens, allowing individuals who would have had some sort of criminal culpability go free - especially when they are individuals who initiated contact or were even the agressor - when they would have otherwise been convicted by the laws which were in place before 2005, and in some cases have been used in situations for which the laws were clearly not intended, because of the poor choice of wording in the law itself.


of course, there's this:


a rap song worth thinking about, wouldn't you say?

Joseph Reichard

If you don't like it move out of state we don't need wanna be THUGS or druggies. Martin was not innocent he didn't deserve to be killed but it happened so move on. All of you supposed leader are nothing but racist just like the idiot President. so what a black man was killed by a hispanic what about the blacks that killed a mother and baby(white) oh right it not racist now. Time for all you people to move on the blacks do not deserve any special treatment slavery was over 200 years ago and the white race owes you nothing so quit making everything against the blacks racist

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