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Republican Diaz Leyva announces candidacy for House District 112


State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez, a Democrat, has drawn a Republican challenger for the 2014 election: Miami attorney Daniel Diaz Leyva

The two will battle to represent House District 112, which includes Brickell, the Roads, Coconut Grove and parts of Coral Gables and Little Havana.

Both candidates are young, Cuban-American attorneys who are considered rising stars in their respective circles.

Rodriguez, a Harvard grad, is serving his first term in office. He defeated former state Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla in a hard-fought race last year.

Diaz Leyva works for the law firm Infante Zumpano. He was campaign chairman for state Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, R-Miami, and was recently named to the Board of Directors of Florida Health Choices by House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel.

Diaz Leyva filed to run Wednesday.

“Voters in my district, and across the state of Florida, crave fresh thinking and real leadership to solve our very real problems," he wrote in a statement announcing his candidacy. "I will provide a clear contrast embodied by vision, pragmatism and a set of core beliefs in what I hope will be a spirited campaign."


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L. J. Rodriguez

Danny is exactly the type of person we want representing us in Tallahassee. Smart, ethical, of good character and fun to be around. Most people with a promising career like Danny would not make the sacrifice to enter into public service. This is a true calling for him and I will whole-heatedly support his candidacy.

Pepa Moneda

Danny isn't sacrificing anything and you know it. Cut the fake humble crap.

C. Martinez

Is this the best the party can get? Representative Rodriguez has done an exceptional job representing his constituents. Our city and county have been plagued by enough republican lobbyists turned politicians who are out of touch with common hardworking folks. Individuals like Diaz Leyva follow an outdated conservative model. Rep. Rodriguez will win this race just like he did against Diaz de la Portilla.

Miguel L. Garcia

Florida doesn't need "fresh thinking and real leadership to solve our very real problems" We already have one, and that's Jose Javier Rodriguez.

Patricia Moreno

I am eager to see how your attitudes change when you actually get to know Diaz Leyva. I've known Daniel or DDL for several years now, he does well professionally and has a wonderful family. One thing is certain, Diaz Leyva is running for the right reasons, he has a profound passion to serve his community and is a very principled person.

There is no doubt that we were all excited for Rodriguez last election cycle (I included, being a district resident), but he has proven to be a lackluster legislator. He is more of a sheep in the heard, following his party's ideology and not the needs of Miami. I for one am very excited to introduce Daniel Diaz Leyva to my neighbors and community association members. Best of luck Danny!

Carl Jennings

Everybody does realize that Rodriguez only won because even members of the Republican party worked actively against Diaz de la Portilla right??

I predict JJR gets chewed up against a quality candidate like DDL. Especially given his vast community ties and work experience.

Andres Garrido

Lackluster? Ms. Moreno, maybe you should review this past legislative session before you make statements like that. Rep. Rodriguez passed a series of legislation on his first term. A rare occurrence for a freshman.

Luis Garcia

The battle of the postalitas! I hope el bombero comes out of retirement.

No Mas

It's laughable to say these guys (with a few noted exceptions) are sacrificing for the greater good as they seek "positions of power." The positions are at the very least equally as beneficial - whether financially or egotistically - as their alternatives. I hope someone, at some point, substantiates this "fresh thinking" angle with some prior evidence or concrete plans. We've heard the ambiguous "vision" chatter quite a bit lately. The irony is that the "fresh thinkers" are really just repeating the same stuff.

Miami politics are stale.

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