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School districts pass on Gov. Scott's teacher debit cards

Gov. Rick Scott pitched the idea from the Panhandle to Miami: a state-funded debit card worth $250 for every teacher to spend on classroom supplies.

But with the start of school just days away, only seven of the state’s 67 school districts, including Miami-Dade, have taken Scott up on the offer.

The reason?

The debit cards won’t be distributed until mid or late September, well after Florida schoolchildren have returned to the classroom. Many teachers have already purchased their supplies.

“If they could have had the cards at the beginning of the school year, or even a few weeks before, it might have made more sense,” said Nadine Drew, a spokeswoman for the Broward school system, which initially agreed to participate in the program, but later withdrew.

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Rick Scott is Poison for Students and Teachers

"About $3.3 billion of Scott's $5 billion in proposed spending cuts are for education. Public school officials say his proposal to slash spending by up to $703 per student, or 10 percent, would result in laying off thousands of teachers.

"Every school district is going to have to figure out how to do better with less," he said."

Never happy

So they turn down the money that could help later in the year because????

Ana Gomez-Mallafa

Revise the State Education budget with a view to improving education:
Fire 2/3 of all administrators.
Take the savings and use 1/2 to hire new teachers and 1/2 to raise the salaries of all teachers.


They did not turn down the money. Their districts will instead cut them checks that they can use for school supplies.

A Teacher

Turning down the cards isn't turning down the money. Teachers in most districts will simply receive checks instead which can be used to compensate for money already spent preparing for school.

T Patrick

This is not new. The teacher's have received this "reimbursement" yearly at my wife's school!

Kathy Skyles

There is an elementry school in Sanford,Seminole County, Florida that is requiring it's teachers to each purchase a printer and ink for their class room. They can no longer use the one in the office. Last year they we're provided one ink cartidge for the year.
Is this legal?
Our teachers are alreaday under paid and now this. What are my school taxes paying for? Maybe the principles need to take a pay cut to help balance the budget or the school board?


"Lead money" has been part of the typical year for a long time. The idea that Scott is doing something new or providing any new funds, is laughable. Meanwhile we are laying off teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers and custodians by the score. And that is just in my county.


Better late than never


The $250 dollars is only a fraction of what we spend for our classrooms. Maybe he should look at that and double the amount.

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