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Scott, Bush praise outgoing education chief

Gov. Rick Scott had some kind words for state Education Commissioner Tony Bennett, who resigned from the post Thursday following a grade-fixing flap in Indiana.

“What I can tell you is Tony did a great job here,” Scott told The Palm Beach Post.

Earlier in the day, Bennett told reporters that Scott had been among his supporters, and had even encouraged him to remain in the role after the news broke on Monday. Bennett said he resigned to avoid further districations.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush also praised Bennett Thursday, pointing specifically to his accomplishments as Indiana's education chief.

"Tony started every day with the focus of creating a system that would equip kids to achieve their God-given potential," Bush wrote in a statement. "Today, more Hoosier kids are graduating high school ready for college or a career and fewer are dropping out. Last year, the parents of nearly 10,000 children in low-income homes were able to select the school that best fit their son or daughter. Leadership is doing what is right, knowing the results will follow. The data is clear; thanks to Tony’s leadership children are better prepared for success."

Bush and Bennett are strong allies.

Bennett is active in Bush's alliance of state education officials called Chiefs for Change.


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Scott sold Bennett out.

Ed Jenkins

This is too bad as this man could have been very effective but part of being a good leader is setting a good example and it is a sign of good character that Scott did not let this slode.

Can't take anymore

Too bad for this Hoosier crook that Scott is so worried about his own re-election. JEB!'s credibility continues to circle the drain. There is no bigger joke in politics than JEB! calling himself "the education governor."


Another bites the dust. Soon enough we'll have our own Blagojevich in Florida.


Bennett took one for the team. I'm sure Jeb will ensure his buddy Tony has a good paying job. Scott needs to take this opportunity to break with the Bush camp once and for all. The Governor should stop trying to play nice and make it clear that the state would best be served by the resignations of Sally Bradshaw, John Padget, and Kathleen Shanahan for the state School Board. I'm not holding my breath, but I am hoping.

PTA mom

Enough, the Governor needs to stop naming these corrupt, out state, buddies of Jeb Bush. Scott needs to name some one from Florida that knows about our needs and who will help our education system succeed.

We are tired of Jeb Bush's constant attempts to destroy our education system, Gov. Scott you say you are pro education stop listening to Jeb. He is anti public education and his goal is to privatize our education system.

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