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Scott, Cabinet OK health care forms despite claims they 'mislead'

An excerpt from a story in Wednesday's paper:

Gov. Rick Scott and the three-member Florida Cabinet have signed off on a controversial new disclosure form that critics say is intended to poison Floridians against the health care law.

The Florida Legislature passed a law requiring the form after Republicans argued that policyholders need to know how federal reforms will affect their premiums. Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater — all Republicans — on Tuesday approved the disclosure forms unanimously and with no debate.

In recent weeks, critics have said the forms are useless and any efforts to compare policies that comply with the health care law to those that don't is "fuzzy math."

"It's totally about politics, and, probably more importantly, it's an incredible waste of money," said Bill Newton, executive director of Florida Consumer Action Network, which supports the federal health care law.

Prior to a vote, Putnam referred to the Office of Insurance Regulation's report that said individual plans would have an average increase of 30 to 40 percent under the federal law. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has questioned those estimates.

"Across the country we have seen press announcements by state insurance commissioners that consistently indicate substantial increases in premiums to the consumer, especially in that individual market," Putnam said after the meeting.

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Mark Pitts

There is a basic economic problem with Obamacare which needs to be addresed:
NO HEALTHY PERSON SHOULD BUY MEDICAL INSURANCE (regardless of their age or income).  
Instead, they should save their money and sign up only if there are signs they have a health problem.  
There is very little risk in NOT buying insurance, because they can never be denied coverage.

Pat Kelley

Mark Pitts - You could and would be denied coverage before Obamacare. It was one of the first provisions to go into effect. When the only thing the opposition to Obamacare can do is tell easily detectable lies it is time for them to throw in the towel and save their reputations. If health insurance rates go up in Florida it will be the fault of the obstructionists not the Affordable Health Care Act.

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