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Senate conservative group looks to Ted Cruz, not Marco Rubio, to carry torch in FL ad


Back in 2009, when it looked as if Marco Rubio had no prayer against Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in the GOP race for U.S. Senate, the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed him wholeheartedly. Rubio won and became a darling of the right.

But then he decided to back bipartisan immigration reform.

Now he's on an image-repair tour with conservatives, and the Senate Conservatives Fund isn't even looking to Rubio to be its messenger in his home state.

Instead, the political group is featuring Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a Cuban-American Republican like Rubio, in its latest anti-Obamacare ad running in Florida. One reader sent us a clip of the ad below that's running in Orlando, a key Florida media market (it's also running in Arizona, columnist Matt Lewis says).

So what that Rubio was among the first to call for defunding of Obamacare during budget talks? He's no longer a right-wing golden boy.

Sure, early polls suggested that Rubio's positions on immigration were popular, even among Republicans. And his fundraising was gangbusters. But the conservative media elite and some in the grassroots are having none of it. When Glenn Beck is calling you a "piece of garbage," it's trouble. It's a sign that, in the words of Michelle Malkin, Rubio has "dug himself into a hole and he can't get himself out."

Still, there's time. The 2016 elections are well off. At this rate, Rubio might be happy just to run for re-election rather than shoot for the presidency.

There's still a good chance he'll be featured in the group's ads, which only feature Cruz and, in another spot, Utah Sen. Mike Lee. Along with Rubio, they've been the triumvirate pushing the defund-Obamacare message. So Rubio's absence from these ads is conspicuous.

And to write Rubio off is "just foolish," said Arizona Sen. John McCain. The problem with that statement? McCain said it. Many conservatives, including current die-hard Rubio loyalists, don't respect him.



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Joshu Jones

Welcome to the underside of the GOP bus, Marco. Don't forget to leave some room for Cruz, though, he'll be joining you eventually.

Can't take anymore

Before things go any further I demand to see Cruz's real original birth certificate, not some dummied up copy. I also demand irrefutable proof that he was born in the United States of US citizen parents. I am quite sure he is not American enough to serve as President of the USA and probably should be kicked out of the US Senate. May be he should just shut up and go back where he came from.


Glenn Beck and his ilk are in business to make money via their media outfits. That is their one and only purpose. (Rush taught them how to do it.)

They make that money by being the darlingest prophet of the right wing. They feed the beast that is destroying the conservative political movement. And though the leftwingers love it, these pundits don't care ... because they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Those true-believing devotees of Beck, Limbaugh, and other such were the ones, like Karl Rove, in shock when Obama won again ... and their shock came exactly from having their eyes and ears fixed solely on the right-wing media propaganda machine.

The rightwinger devotees have become to the conservative movement like the fringe left was for many decades to the Democratic Party: the true-believing, hoping and cheering absurdist protestors who are more interested in purity than in winning elections.


That's very embarrassing for Rubio although he's playing to be moderate again. He sold a lie to his tea partiers.


Just when one thinks the Rs can't find anyone crazier, here comes Teddy boy!

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